Break my brain for bbc please


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this whiteboi craves to have his mind broke for bbc. crave it so bad. make it all i think about and unable to do anytbing but drop to my knees. i crave it so bad i even have a message fantasy about it i crave. please break my mind. So it started off me wanting to see an ex get bbc. And now ive become so obsessed wirh bbc. I find myself craving to be mind broke and turned into a suck slvt for bbc myself. So much i even have a messenger fantasy about it. It says kik in the fantasy but coukd be anywhere i can get private messages. Here it is...There's two versions of it actually. But someone I'm talking to gives my Kik name to several of his BBC wielding friends who proceed to Kik me randomly telling me how they will fuck my throat make me their cock sucker. And send me BBC cock pics of them knowing that I will drool and keep thinking of BBC because I keep seeing it. They get really dirty and ranuchy and basically make me a Kik group suck slut. That's the main one. There is a second one kinda like that but in that one even superior black goddesses and snowbunnies and even hung Dom tgirls join in on degrading humiliating and teasing me. All legal age of course. It doesnt even have to be on kik. i have snap and twitter. And reddit. Please do your worst. Make it non reversible please

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