Just got my first BBC!!!!


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I met this guy on grinder and he sends me this pic of a gorgeous BBC and I've been addicted to BBC and binge watch BBC hypnos. He had us meet at a park then got into my car and he just wanted my ass so I didn't get a chance to taste some black cock :(. So I bent over and pushed my head as far down as possible and God it hurt at first then it was great accept for when he would bottom out... He told me I'll have to get used to being long dicked. He fucked me really hard for a good 30 seconds after a good 20 minutes of slow to medium strokes and then went balls deep and gripped my ass and held me there filling my ass with cum and said I'll call you white boy and got in his car and left. There is still cum leaking out i can never be satisfied by anything other than BBC again!!!!! That's the cock pic he sent me on Grindr.


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