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I am married to a very sexy lady who has become addicted to black men. I have know it for a few years now and watching her have sex with strange men is nothing new, however, my wife, Kathy, has introduced me to a whole new level of cuckholding.
Her older sister turned her onto a new private club owned by several black guys downtown. It is a strip club that caters to young black men who have a yearning for white women. They came up with the idea to invite married white women who have husbands who like to watch and who will not cause any trouble. Her sister, Jacklyn, dances as a stripper and has always preferred black guys since she was fourteen. The rules are very strict and the white couples pay a cover charge of $200. Every two weeks or so they close the strip club and setup the private party where young, athletic-looking black men agree to make themselves available to horny white women looking for Mr. Black Goodbar. They seem to be quite selective as most of the white women are sexy to gorgeous looking.
The club is arranged in three sections. There is a section where the couples sit at tables and it is known as the "husband's section" where the white couples come in and get situated. It is designated with a short wrought-iron railing and has a wet bar, pool tables, and a game room. The white husbands are restricted to this area. There are huge bouncers who enforce the rules of the club.
The main bar area has two oval bars and this is where the white girls sit and drink waiting for one or more of the black bulls to socialize with them. This known as the "action section". It looked like to me that there were a few more bulls then the number of invited white women; about twenty. Most of the women initially sit with one or more other women and gradually they separate as the bulls pick-up their chosen date. This gradual coupling of women and bulls takes about thirty minutes and a few women have more than one bull vying for her attention. Some of the women go after certain black guys and there is a bit of a competition for the more attractive black men. It seemed to me that some of the women were not total strangers to some of the black guys. My wife, Kathy, being one of them went after a guy she has been with before, Mike is his name, and I know she prefers him due to his larger cock and prowess. He has been to our house several times that I know of.
I was quite aware of the situation and not too surprised watching my wife going after another man, but some of the younger husbands/boyfriends were looking very concerned as they stared at their dates incessantly. I sat and studied the white guys as they watched their wives/girlfriends behave gregariously seducing these very masculine, young bulls groping and fondling these horny, white girls. Actually, I should say women because the average age looked to be 25 or more.
The "action section" has a DJ and ample dance floor. Needless to say the dancing was very suggestive and lewd. One thing about black men is that they are not shy about showing their sexual intentions. It was obvious to me that most of these bulls purposely groped the white women knowing that their husbands/boyfriends were watching. They seemed to enjoy humiliating the husbands/boyfriends. It was not unusual to see a woman's skirt/dress yanked up exposing her sexy panties as the black bull squeezed and rubbed their bare buttocks. I even watched a few women giving a blowjob right at the bar.
The third section is the "VIP section" these are the rooms where they eventually go to have sex. These rooms are small, but large enough to fit a double bed and a sink. Behind these rooms are walled-off spaces where the husbands can sit and watch their wives/girlfriends through a one-way mirror have sex with their chosen bull or bulls. There are vents in the wall that allow sound on the back side so the husband can hear everything. Some women choose to have more than one bull, but they have to pay an extra fee of $50 per bull. The guy in this area that controls the watching husbands will also allow a husband to watch other women for $20 if that husband/boyfriend choses not to watch; some do not want to watch. I, on the other hand, have watched Kathy dozens of times. I paid the $20 and enjoyed watching several other women.
When I came back to the husband's area, Kathy was talking to another bull and she went back to the VIP room again. She wound up having sex with six bulls that night; four trips with two bulls on two trips. I was only mildly surprised. Kathy has no qualms about paying $200 as she is addicted to black men. My wife is very attractive and sultry. She turns heads where ever we go and with her gregarious personality, men proposition her all the time. Kathy can go to the grocery store and come back with a new black friend, sometimes they are not so new, put the groceries away and the next thing I know I hear her moaning in ecstasy as she has one orgasm after another.
My wife controls her sexual life pretty good where she does not allow any interfering relationships, however, her favorite fuck-buddy, Mike, is now coming over at least once a week and sleeps over. Mike has the largest cock; eleven inches and very thick. She does not seem to be able to turn him away.

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