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We need Fat-Ass, Racist White Girls, calling a brotha a black and then getting Fucked to Kingdom Cum! That's why we joined this site, to see white girls calling brothas a black.

All these other miscellaneous categories should be dumped. This site was intended for Racist White Whores, so let's go back to that.

Nothing like a Racist White Girl saying black, and then getting Fucked to Death!
Can you imagine Alexis Texas, with that Fat Ass, calling a Brotha a black?

That Bitch would get Fucked into an insane asylum ! They would have to put a straight jacket on that Ho, cause she would be hooked on black-Dick as bad as a dope fiend is strung out on Crack!
I'm a crossdressing white guy and I'd love to star in a BBC gangbang where the white guy is dating a black girl and they are at her house. Then she has to leave for something so the white guy puts on her clothes. Then her brotha and a lot of his hung friends find the white guy and fuck the shit out of him.there isn't alot of sissy interracial porn out there so that could be a niche. That could revune alot of money.
My movie is called Ass Eating, black Worshipping Cuck Couples. It will be several scenes with white couples who orally worship bbc together to start. Woman sucks the dick and man licks the black guy's ass. Then as the bbc fucks the white woman the cuck licks both their asses. End of each is a facial for the wife as the cuck eats the black guy's ass unti he explodes. During the scene the wife states how much she loves black cock, encourages the cuck, teases him, commands him. Maybe slaps him with the bbc. Humiliate him in a variety of disgusting ways.... Now thats a vid I can jack off to!
Great idea for a movie and a real life..
Bnwo academy.
An academy where they accept all whites. Either coming willingly. Be it as couples, singles, or brought in (usually white males *tricked, f...d or lured by a QOS* where they are locked in pens to start. ALL white males ( are straight when lured, f...d, etc.) Put in cock cages. AND than trained and broken to serve their roles. Which is to be all BBCs toy de masculinized and sissified.. Put on hormones. Only a select few are chosen as recruiters who go out date the racist ones just to gain trust and lure them to the Bnwo academy.
And only released once the have been broken, brainwashed and trained.
Training consists of being gangbanged, strapped in the submissive position where any bbc that walks by or just comes to visit is allowed to use and abuse. All *seniors (broken sissies and white girls)soon to be graduates* Walk around scantily clad serving every BBC's every sexual need.
The whole premise is to make every white male a sissy and or a bbc toy that can never get hard especially for a woman. And to only be able to get off from anal penetration from bbc. And create an army that brings in the bnwo. Where all white girls only fuck and breed BBC. And all white males are made into sex objects for bbc.
A series documentary style of a wm who has volunteered to be an example of what life is like being given the opportunity to serve and take the steps to be able to be a wife and be able to provide a child as an experimental treatment program for those who have been secretly self pleasuring to the idea of offering their body to be owned and transformed as it is the right thing to do as years of disrespectful self pleasure to interracial porn needs to be atoned for

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