She's only dated black men before she met me... but was still a virgin, which she lost to me. This set her into a sexual crazy, and she's been experimenting every since. We started with swinging but soon learned I had no desire to join in, and really enjoyed watching her with other guys. As we talked about her fantasy a well hung black guy always came up. Until the time came when she met one on a swingers sight and it changed our world. I love being her wimpy cuck, and I accept my place... at this point i get off on being submissive and humiliated by her BBC bulls. Her biggest fantasy, and one I wish she'd act on, but she really gets off on the idea of her BBC Lover TRULY wanting to breed her. She always said if she met the right man she would do it!!! Talk about addicted!!!

Hit us up if you're a BBC bull who thinks has the stuff to be a true Bull Master for that white couple of our dreams.


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