3 white slaves submit and serve - fantastic video

You might enjoy this one too:) pregnant slave:
Realist said:
The 1st video is how you should treat the white whores.
This is natural, and these whores look happy, because this is their right place in life. Niggers can do anything to white women.
Once in a while I fall over some nice video´s. I like this one where the white couple both serves BLK cock.
I like this one too:)
... and this:)
Last one for today:
the windows vista recovery virus is horrendous -- hides everything, so it makes u think ur computer has been wiped clean of EVERYTHING.

if u get it, do a system restore as soon as possible -- then run multiple programs to clean the virus. i got it twice, but not sure where. am hoping it's gone for good, but who knows?
It's easy enough to get rid of if you use RKill and MBAM, but it takes a couple of hours depending on how long your drives take to scan.

Definitely better not to get it in the first place
The pregnant whore is a real slut for black cock! I am envious.

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