40 yo white female, seeking mature black men

Welcome, deb. I'm always happy to see other IL people here. Good luck in your quest.
Good to see you here, too, chiguy. Deb is really sweet looking isn't she?

chiguy06660 said:
I'm with Zagg, always great to see more local people in here. Hope you find what youre looking for :)
deb102069 said:
Hi guys, 40 yo bi white female seeking mature black kinky men for fun. In Illinois, can host, may travel.

Please join my group:

Damn, please update us on your quest when ya can. Shouldn't take to long, as elegant as your are.
Hi sweetie! my name is Derek! just wanted to say hello and tell how beautiful of a white women you are!! i wish you were closer to me. Hope that we can get to know each other alot better.
Hey princess, if you're ever in the boston area and need some good bbc I'm only a few clicks away.
Btw: I travel.
I was thinking about taking a tour of UI Champaign for grad school some time later in the spring. How close are you to the campus?
I will be visiting the Milwaukee and Madison area Feb 17 - Feb 22 2011
black male
5' 10 185#
considered good looking
d&df, fit and sane

If interested please let me know
I have pix


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