A Rude Awakening




I had dressed as a female for as long as I could remember, mostly in stolen moments as a kid, later as a guilty pleasure when I got my own place, but outwardly, I’d always thought I’d kept my overpowering feminine side suppressed and under control.

With very few exceptions this seemed to work out fine for me (my family and friends would never accept that) and others, as well. I was Danny and I was smart, funny and everyone’s friend.

At 28 years of age I was still single, about 5’9” and maybe 160 pounds, with wavy brown hair that was always left a little too long. I was quiet, even a little shy, but I’d rarely had guys come onto me, a few did, here and there, but I chalked it up to their being gay, certainly not any vibe I put forth.

That year, I’d moved to Maryland, about 200 miles from my family and where I grew up. I took a job as an assistant manager in a warehouse, as I got ready to go back to school. My first day on that job was a bit of a shock – it turned out that I was the only white guy working on the 4pm to midnight shift.

I had to supervise a crew of six men, all of them black, most of them from the projects and all of them much bigger than I. My supervisor was another black man, named Ellis, a large framed man, about 6’4” and probably 250 pounds or more.

I had a rough time right from the start in earning the respect of the men of my crew. My hair was a little too long, my manners too polite and easy, worse still, my voice was without much authority and of course, I was a little too...well, white.

As a result, I had a hard time getting the crew to get much work done. Worse still, Ellis had taken notice.

But the more I tried to get the guys to work, the more I seemed to come off as a whiner and got even less respect with each attempt.

I knew I was making a bad impression with Ellis, because every time he’d catch my eye on the floor, he’d be shaking his head in that “how pathetic” kind of way.

After a couple weeks of misery, Ellis came up to me and said, I don’t think you’re working out as a supervisor with that crew, I think I’ll find another job for you.

I was so grateful to have been given a reprieve from that crew that I didn’t even consider what position Ellis might find me.

The next morning, when I showed up for work, Ellis motioned me into his office.

I came in and he motioned for me to sit down and I did.

“I’m thinking of moving you in here,” he said, watching me carefully.

I looked around, a little confused, because aside from Nancy the receptionist and Denise and Rachel the two secretaries, there didn’t seem to be any other positions in here to fill.

I looked back at Ellis, who seemed amused at my confusion and drawled, “Denise, is leaving next week, so you’ll replace her.”

“I...I...uh...I can’t do that,” I stammered.

“Why NOT?!” Ellis demanded.

“Uhhhh, well because I can’t type for one thing.”

Ellis laughed out loud. “Neither could Denise,” he roared, “but she sure looked good in a tight dress and a pair of high heels”...then pausing for effect, “and so will you.”

“What?!” I exclaimed.

“What do you mean, you’re gonna tell me you’re shocked,” demanded Ellis.

“Yes, I’m shocked,” I replied and I’m NOT gay!

“Whoa, I’ve never said you were gay, I’m SAYING you’re really a woman...and I’m going to show you and everyone else up in here what you really are.”

“No you’re not,” I responded, “I quit.”

“You’re gonna quit?”

“Yeah,” I replied, “in fact, I’m already quit, how about that?”

“How about that,” roared Ellis, “How about I kick your damned ass bitch!”

I had to admit, I hadn’t counted on that, on Ellis actually confronting me, which, in hindsight seemed silly, since he was a man who seemed not at all averse to confrontation with anyone at any time.

Ellis moved right, to move me left, thus backing me away from the door and, in effect, trapping me in the office with a man at least seven inches taller and nearly 100 pounds heavier than I.

Both Ellis and I could see that this was only going to end one way – advantage Ellis.

“You’re going to come home with me tonight and we’re gonna work things out. Understand?”

I didn’t understand at all, but I knew that didn’t have much choice...and to be honest, I didn’t want to...I hate to admit this (even now) but Ellis imposing figure and his aggressive, dominant personality really impressed me...no...it really turned me on.

At the end of the shift, Ellis guided me into his car and headed back to his home, an old, but well-maintained Victorian just outside of town.

As he opened the door to let me in, a large black woman appeared and grinned broadly. “Is this the poor white chick-to-be you told me about,” she cackled.

Ellis beamed his assent. She needs you to help her learn how to dress up, put on the make-up, walk in heels, the whole nine yards.

“Meet my younger sister, Alicia,” grinned Ellis.

With that, Alicia, grabbed my hand and said, “Come on girl, we got a lot of catching up to do...and YOU have a LOT to learn miss-thing.”

Over the next few weeks, Ellis and Alicia became my family and I became more and more feminine in my looks, the way I walked and carried myself and even in my demeanor. Ellis had even changed my name. No longer Danny, I was no Darlene.

Alicia taught me how to apply foundation, facial powder and how to blend the right shades, how to correctly apply lip stick, eye shadow and mascara and, of course, how to paint my fingernails and toenails. She also taught me how to wear a wig properly, how to walk in high heels and she gradually assigned me the bulk of the house-keeping chores in the place.

There was nothing ever spoken, but it was taken as obvious that Alicia had authority over me, just as Ellis held that over her.

By my third week at the house, Alicia was obviously proud of her work and Ellis was pleased with both Alicia’s labors and my nearly complete transformation.

I could now easily walk in 4” heels and I even wiggled when I walked.

At the start of my third week, I’d almost entirely forgotten how to act like Danny, it felt like I was always Darlene, at least inside.

That week, when Ellis got home and saw me preparing supper, he walked over to me and whispered, “It’s about time you completed your transformation girl, know what I mean?”

I looked at him blankly.

“Typical dumb blonde,” he said as I blushed.

“OK, tonight, you’re going to start your training with ME...I’m really gonna make a lady out of you from here on in.”

I was aroused, but scared at the prospect of being taken by any man as large as Ellis.

“Right after you finish cleaning up after supper, I want you in my room so we can go over the basic ground-rules,” declared Ellis.

When I finished putting away the dishes, I dutifully reported to Ellis’ room.

I was wearing a short, frilly French Maid’s outfit, in black with white trim, black, back-seamed garter house, a pair of black thongs balanced atop a pair of 4” black satin slingback pumps.

I entered with my hands folded in front of me.

Ellis got up from a large chair in which he’d been watching TV and stood in front of me.

His grin seemed almost triumphant, “No, you sure ain’t gay girl...nope, you’re ALL girl!”

I couldn’t deny it, in Ellis presence I WAS “all girl,” I was completely feminine in every way.

“OK,” drawled Ellis, “This is going to be the final part of your training Darlene, from here on in, you’re going to serve me. I am your man and your master and you’ll do anything I want you to do, understand?”

I wanted to say “No,” scream “NO!” but all I did was to lower my eyes and utter, “Mmm-hmmmm.”

“Good,” grinned Ellis, as he began to shed his clothes in front of me.

He had a very powerful body and an impressive cock that had to be around nine inches long.

He gently stroked his stiffening member then gently pressed on my shoulders until I knelt in front of him, between his two tree-trunk legs.

“Go on girl,” he urged, “take it into that sweet, pink mouth of yours.”

I did exactly what I was told and began licking and suckling that massive cock. As I grew more comfortable and began taking more and more of it into my mouth, Ellis scooped me up and deposited me on the bed on my back, with my heading hanging off the side. He straddled my head and began driving his dick deeper and deeper into my mouth and down into my throat.

I tried to breathe through my nose, but then he began to cum and that became impossible, as much as I tried to swallow, more cum ran out the sides of my mouth and began covering my face, running along the sides of my nose, pooling around my now shut eyes...only my long, blonde hair, now matted with cum, keeping it from flowing to the floor.

He continued pumping his cock in and out of my mouth and sporadically came, until my entire face was glazed with his juices. A few times, I had to remove his cock to breathe through my mouth, but he’d quickly force his member back in.

After about ten or twelve minutes, he looked down at his handi...or cock-work and grinned broadly.

My face was now a gooey mess covered in cum with little lines of running mascara around my forehead.

I went to scoop out some of his cum from around my eyes and he shouted, “Don’t you DARE do that! You wear that proudly girl, that’s your man’s cum!”

He then climbed into bed beside me and positioned himself behind me, lubed my pink ass and slowly began to enter me from behind. As he moved his rythm became harder and faster....I'd NEEDED this sooooo bad, for sooooo long.

I started to sob, when suddenly he shot a thick hot load of cum deep inside my ass and I gasped.

"Yeah baby," Ellis leered, "You're ALL girl now.....and your MY girl.

I still am.

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