A very hot, true story

One of my best friends, Tom, was a homosexual. One day, he asked me if I'd like to go with him into a gaybar. I was shocked, since I made him believe that I was straight. And at that time I actually was, I thought. But there has always been this fascination for black cocks. When I was 16, 4 years ago, I watched a lot of porn, and there were also some interracial movies that I've watched. And seeing those huge black dicks fucking into some tiny pussy or asshole, just got me all excited. It didn't take long until I imagined myself beeing fucked by a black man. So I really was not sure about my sexual orientation.

However, I decided to go with Tom into this bar, hoping maybe to meet a black man and setting me straight (or gay). I ordered a drink for me and my friend and we sat at a table. Then suddenly my heart started beating faster and faster, there was a black guy sitting on the table next to us. He was very strong, tall, about 6'7" and as far as I could tell quiet handsome. He was looking over at our table and our eyes caught each other. He smiled and I finished my drink and told my friend that I'd go and talk to him.

I've never even with a girl been this spontanious, but I sat down next to him. "Hello there.", he said with a surprised smile. "Do I know you?", he asked. "No, I'm sorry, I'll leave you alone...", I responded. I raised myself and tried to leave. Right then he grabbed my arm and said: "Come on, sit, sit. Can I get you anything to drink?"
So we sat there and talked for about half an hour. At one point we were talking about penis size and I asked him: "How long is it?" "9 and a half inches (25cm) he said". Wow, I thought, that thing would probably tear me apart! "Yours?", he asked. "About 6 inches, I responded."
Then I asked him, with how many guys he's had sex with. "Oh gosh... I don't know. There were some girls and then some men. But I stopped counting."
After some more drinks I told him about the porn that I've watched and how I'm turned on by big black dicks. At that moment we both knew that there's going to happen something tonight.
We went back to his place, straight to his bedroom. I've never sucked a cock before and I was scared of his monster. He pulled down his pants and there it was. It was not hard yet but already huge. I went down on my knees and gently put my tongue onto his tip before opening my mouth as far as I could and trying to get some of that black cock in.
I could feel his dick growing inside my mouth, it got longer and thicker and hard as a rock. I sucked and licked his dick as good as I could and he seemed to enjoy it. I needed to catch my breath, he took it out: My drool was making his dick look so shiny, I got turned on even more and tried to take him as deep as I possibly could. My chocking turned him on like hell, he held my head and pushed it closer to his stomach than I wanted, making me gag a lot. "Yeah, you little twink like that, doncha? I'm gonna fuck that face of yours!", he said with a mean laugh. After 5 more minutes fucking the back of my throat, making me drool all over his dick and balls, he pulled it out and slapped my face with it. The feeling of his hard penis hitting my face got me so horny! I felt down at my asshole and felt that it was wet and he knew that I was ready for something more.
"Lie onto the bed, like a dog!", he said. I did as he told me. He went into another room and came back with a box of different things. He had several dildos, which were different sizes and some tubes of lube. He came onto the bed and squeezed my ass. "That's one tiny butt you got there, I like it!" - "Thanks." Then he felt my asshole and noticed that it was already really wet, still he took the tube of lube and put it onto the smallest dildo and my asshole. I've never had anything in my butt before so I really was kind of scared and horny at the same time. Then he slowly shoved the dildo into my anus, it hurt quiet a bit at first but after some pushes it felt amazing. While he prepared the next dildo which was bigger, he gave me the small one and said "Taste your asshole!" I was really grossed out by that, I mean it was in my asshole. But he insisted: "Do it, or you won't get anymore of my cock!" After he said that, I took it in my mouth as far as possible and this is when I noticed that the dildo was not half as long and not half as thick as his penis. Then he inserted the next dildo into my asshole, it was much bigger and hurt a lot! He could only put about half of it inside me for the first 10 Minutes, then he tried to give it all. I screamed and moaned, it hurt but still felt so good!
He pulled it out when I said: "Stop, no more!" and gave me the dildo again to suck it. He poured a huge amount of lube all over my ass and massaged it. I knew that now he will shove his huge cock up my tight little asshole. "Come on, clean up that dildo while I fuck your ass! I want to hear you gag on it!" And so I felt his huge cock touching my shiny asshole and then finally he put it in. It hurt so bad and I really wanted to stop, but he tried to be even softer. For about 20 minutes he got about 4 inches of his huge cock inside of me. He was horny and moaned, no wonder my asshole was probably the tightest hole he’s ever had. Then he got a little more aggressive, pushing his dick pretty fast up my ass, while spanking my asscheecks. „Yeah, take that black cock right up your ass!" I put my shaking hand on my stomach and felt his heavy penis glide inside me over and over again. „Let’s change positions, ride me!“, he said. He was lying on his back as I thought it was time for another blowjob. I removed his condom and sucked his dick as hard as I could, trying also to shove it down my white little throat. He liked it and held my head, pushed it down, making me gag and choke once again. His dick was covered in my spit and drool, even more so after he pushed my head down with one hand and closing my nose with the other. For about 10 seconds we were in this position, until I gasped for air and almost puked on his monsterdick.
Then I kneeled over him, slowly lowering myself. After the first inch was in, he grabbed me by the hip and started ramming his dick up my asshole. For about 2 minutes he stretched out my asshole, making me almost black out. Finally he stopped, giving me control for once. I rode him pretty good, though. As I looked him in the eyes I could see how he liked it. „You like riding that big black cock, dontcha? Yeah, take that monster, you were born for it! Turn around, now!“ While the dick was still pretty deep inside me, I turned around, and rode him some more until he said „I’m gonna cum soon! Let’s do it missionary, I wanna see your face when I hammer that dick all the way up your butt!“ Again, taking a huge amount of oil and spilling it all over my body, he slowly inserted his dick into my tiny hole. I could see the hornyness in his eyes as he started ramming that cock inside me. For about 3 minutes he fucked me so hard. I screamed, saw stars before me and thought that I’d get fucked into a coma. Then he finally pulled his monster out and blasted an enormous load of warm, sticky, shiny cum all over my face. He covered almost every inch of my face. I’ve never seen a man cum this much! „Wow!“, I said, trying to open my eyes, but I couldn’t, they were plastered with cum. „Well done, little boy! Ready for round two?“

He left the room, five minutes later he came back with a video camera. He held it in his hand and started recording. „Come here, you white trash boy! Suck that dick!“ I went on my knees again. My face was still all glazed and shiny, but a lot of it already dripped down my naked body. „Show the camera that cum-covered face of yours!“, he said, just before he shoved his cock inside my mouth once again. It was hard again. „Ah, I love the taste of your black dick! Fuck my face! Fuck it hard!“, I begged him. He set the camera onto the table still recording. I opened my mouth and he slowly shoved it in. Inch for inch and then all of a sudden, he pushed my head as hard as he could against him, he really was strong, I tried to pull back but he just kept fucking my throat. I drooled and gagged all over him, I even puked just a little bit, but he wasn’t turned off at all. „There we go! It’s ok to puke!
"Now lie onto the bed, on your back with the head upside down! I’m gonna make you drool and puke all over your face!“ I did as my master commanded me. After adjusting the camera and giving me a spank on my asscheek, he shoved his dick into my mouth very slowly. It was deeper and deeper until I drooled all over my face. Then he was done with softplay, and started to fuck my face like it was a pussy. He was out of control. After 5 minutes of hardcore face-fucking, he pushed his dick into my mouth as deep as he could, then suddenly I felt a warm liquid inside my mouth. It was him, pumping his huge load of cum down my throat. I needed to swallow it all, so that I wouldn’t choke. It tasted good. After I sucked the last drop out of him, he pulled it out and said: „Good boy. Thanks for that! Now clean your face! Take the cum and eat it!“ So I took the cum that was on my face from before and ate it. It was delicious! And I couldn’t wait to see the video he made. „Here’s my number! Call whenever you want to be fucked some more!“, he said.
I left the room, having trouble to walk, since he fucked my ass so good, and thought „Now I know, I’m gay!“

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