An opinion on negro physical superiority and the rise of the american negro


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We Americans, and many Europeans too, are witnessing the rise of the black man, more so the black American Negro. Black Afro-Americans are a different breed than any other race in the world. Thanks to the European slave-masters and their selective but harsh breeding program, Black American men, these descendants from slaves, have become physically superior to the white man. Black men have bigger cocks, greater hip thrusting ability for powerful drives during sex, are stronger, have better stamina and more speed than the one's who enslaved their descendants many years ago. Black Americans in general are physically superior to white men. They excel at Basketball, Football, Baseball, Track & Field, Soccer, Tennis and any other demanding sport that requires pure brawn. Blacks are more athletic and can dance better than whites. They are also full of raw emotion and powerful sex drives. And White women from all over the globe understand this.

The black man represents the prototypical man in the woman's mind. When she thinks of a man, she thinks of aggression, strength, domination, masculinity. These traits are not common in the white man in today's society. But they are present in the vast majority of American blacks. The Negro is also a fetish for the average white woman. Black male/White woman relationships make up the bulk or the majority of interracial relationships in the United States. Irregardless of the new age of femininity, at their core, white women cannot escape nature. Their nature exists to that of a subservient sex slave. They want to be dominated. In the age of white American wimps, the annoying metrosexual, the black man fills a void. So on top of white women quenching their sexual thirst, they gain a bigger cock on top of all the other advantages that are gained by being fucked by black men.

We are in the age of the black American Negro. They are all over popular culture. When you want to study a society's general theme, you look into their pop culture. Mainstream music, dominated by R&B, Rap, Jazz and Soul music. Your most charismatic sports personalities are all black. Black men fill commercials, spots on sitcoms, movies and other arenas of entertainment. Just for fun, why don't you look up the female audience for the NFL. The NFL has a huge female following. Why? Probably because they want to see ripped physiques, tight asses and raw aggression. I'm sure a lot of them fantasize about being a fly on the wall inside an NFL locker room. Many more probably visualize being gangbanged by Ray Lewis, Michael Vick and other black NFL stars.

To follow my theory to see if it's correct, go to any sex site that plays videos, such as youporn, xhamster, redtube. Type in the keywords, "Cuckold," "Ebony," "Interracial." And just see the popularity of black men/white women interracial sex scenes. Hell, I'm living proof. I started this blog because there is nothing like seeing a white woman get fucked by a black man.

Except your new position as second best, white man.
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Found this recently. I don't know who holds such beliefs or whether the writer is a he or a she, black or white, but I must say that it's spot on. I was a little angry after reading that but then realized people who get angry at opinions usually know they're true. I read it again and my white dick started to grow. If you can't change it or beat it, accept it, right?

What are your thoughts on the "rise of the black man"?
This article and similar ones have been coming out for probably the last 20 years or so. At first, much like you felt, they really pissed me off, then my white cock started to grow when I would think about it. I didn't understand why at first. I thought for years that I was the only one that had this strange fetish but as you can see around here i am certainly not. If you would like to talk about blacks
being superior and taking our women and using their strength and huge cocks to impose their will on us then you have most definitely come to the right place.
It's not just the American Negro that is sexually and in other physical ways (see my posts in the Black Athletes thread) superior to other ethnic groups. Following is a link where you can download an abridged version of J. Philippe Rushtons's (University of Western Ontario) "Race, Evolution, and Behavior" which sketches an evolutionary account of black sexual superiority. Many of his data are more suggestive than definitive. This subject is so politically incorrect that it's very difficult to do serious scientific research on it. But Rushton's work is so compelling that further research is imperative.
I disagree with a couple of specific ideas, like the "slave breeding" theory. I do believe that Black men are, on average, physically superior to white men, but I don't think it's because of slavery. And the idea that women are meant to be "sex slaves" I find a bit off-putting. But other than that, it turned me on. :)

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