Another convincing motage


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I agree, that first vid was absolutely incredible! I especially love the comparison of the white guy trying to fuck and the Black man's masterful sexing. I would love to see more of that.
Yup, they're right. Excellent, excellent montage. Pining for more. Thanking. Brown nosing. All of the above so long as we get another hot one like that. Thanxxx again.
OMG, those are awesome video montages. To bad we can't download them and watch them over and over.
The first vid. was special. Thanks for posting links to them All.

There is an older black dom. video on the same site: worth a view.

The download add in for Firefox works fine to download any video you want on the site and most others as well. Its called Download Helper, and like Firefox its FREE. Look for it when you have downloaded and installed Firefox., in Add for it inside Firefox You find that access by clicking on the red Firefox icon top left on the main toolbar.

Thanks for the excellent tips poster.
i had no luck getting a copy of the first one (Link Removed). if someone manages to get that one, please upload it so we all can have it too.

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