Another HUGE Black man!!!


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At lunch today in the open area cafeteria I just saw another HUGE Black man in the building. DAMN! Just sitting at the table back up against the wall looking around. He was dark large and very muscular. He must have been about 6 ft 5 solid muscle. He was weraing a large grey sweatshirt. Even though the sweatshirt was loose you could see his powerful muscles in his chest and arms.

We both spotted one another when I walked in. I couldnt get over his size. So big and powerful. I sat across from him a few tables away and couldnt keep my eyes off of him. He must have noticed becasue as he walked over to leave he came past me stopped showed his body off then looked down at me. As if to say i will own you bitch.

i couldnt see the size of his dick but I guess it must be very large. I hope to see him again and get a chance to find out. Just the thought of this powerful Black man fucking me makes me see stars.

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