Any Takers on this White Wife?


White Wife for BBC
We just wanted to introduce ourselves to the group. We're a married white couple who are potentially interested in the lifestyle.
This is my white wife and we've been swinging for about a year now (couple/couple swinging). We've recently started examining IR swinging as a possibility since my wife had her first black guy a few months ago. She had a great time and she may want to try it again but with only a MFM scenario. We're posting on this site to see if there are black guys out there that like her look and who may be interested in fucking her if they are in our area. Let her know what you think!!

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Very very nice. I would definitely look to enjoying having giving your wife of all that I have to plunge in her. I may just think of stopping by on my way to NYC. Welcome to the Dark Side... I look forward to talking with you guys
Thanks for the interest Ramzez69 and definitely keep in touch letting the wife know what you think about her. We've been swinging for a little while but are new to the strictly interracial thing. The wife liked being with a black guy as part of a couple/couple swinging experience but has expressed interest in MFM, DP and maybe even a gangbang. She's also told me she is interested in being with a "well hung black guy." The guy she was with was average in size and she's curious to try bigger. The only problem is getting her to take the plunge. She talks about it, usually after a few drinks, but then will pull back a bit when we discuss it again down the road. We'll see where things go but I know she has the interest and likes hearing what guys think of her. In the meantime, keep in touch and if you or anyone here has any suggestions how to get her over the hurdle, let me know!

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