At the Glory Hole

i once served a black Dom that i had met online who lived in another town. During a visit he required me to dress and took me to a private S&M club. After a couple of hours at the club, he told me that we were going into the managers office. Once in the office and after being introduced to the manager, he handcuffed my hands behind me and put ankle cuffs on my ankles. The manager folded a bandanna and blindfolded me. i was led out of the office and through a door, then turned and told to kneel. my Master helped me to kneel then ordered me to open my mouth. i opened wide and felt metal enter my mouth followed by a clicking noise as my mouth was stretched open wide. Then my forehead was pressed against the wall and i felt a chain locked to the front of my collar. i could just barely move my forehead off of the wall before the chain stopped me. Master then removed my blindfold and told me that i was chained at one of the glory holes that opened to the men's bathroom. A cock entered my mouth as he explained that the glory holes were common knowledge at the club and that i should be well used. He laughed and said that the reason for the blindfold was that some sluts, even though their wrists were cuffed and their ankles hobbled still resisted when they saw where they were going. The first cock squirted it's cum in my mouth which i attempted to swallow (difficult when your mouth is held wide open) as he continued telling me that most submissives are conditioned to open their mouths to accept a gag so if blindfolded once they realized what was about to happen to them, it was too late. Another cock entered my mouth as he used a padlock to lock the chain between my ankle cuffs to my handcuffs and told me he would return for me in a couple of hours. Over the next two hours my mouth was used repeatedly, cum staining the front of my blouse and puddling on the floor from my drooling. When he decided that i had been used enough, he freed me from the glory hole and took out the dental gag that had held my mouth open. Everyone seemed to be staring at me as he led me out of the club still handcuffed and ankle chained. He took me home and fucked my asscunt with his largish cock before making me sleep in my soiled clothes still in the restraints.
tazloveblack said:
Oh Darling I wish I could have been there to suck with you
There was a second hole in the room. On an couple of occasions that i was in there another sissy would be at the other hole. The way that my collar was chained to the wall prevented me from turning my head, but i could see them out of the corner of my eye. To me that made it even more humiliating since the other girl knew what i was doing and i knew what was happening to her.

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