what is good for gooses is good for ganders
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Barbados 1

Barbados were a hot sun travel..the two students lovers come after their grade to find sun.sand and sex..
They are lover from two years.. Phil the young blond of 19 was the bottom, Jimmy 19 too, most muscular from the swim team,was the top and in charge
After taking their room, they want know the beach...they have seeing the look the blacks waiters have for them..Phil was blushing but they don't understand the reflexions and jokes that they make in creole or spanish
they discover nude beach and strip from their textils..They see some family and some couples men women men and men women and women..more couple are black and white or family were with blacks guys..Phil cannot leave his/her eyes in other place of that big blacks boys and their bulges who appear very big to him...
Seeing that Jimmy patted the ass of phil and walk to a dune who seem more isolated..In some place they see couples and guys or girls on their knees sucking black meat or being fucked..They search a quiet place and Phil who loved that come on his knees to suck his lover dick..his tongue played with the head before eaten all that meat..Jim take him by hair and start to fuck is mouth as he frequently start theur games...they enjoyed that when two athletics blacks guys come..They are nude with only a hat with a star on and they say that the two boys make a fault and have obscene position in a family beach...They say that they must take them to detention room and see a judge. Jim say that they only play as other around...the two guards laught and say no around we have only blacks bulls who take their right on white are not in that case..Phil was always on his knees and the big black dicks waved near her mouth..he was as red as Jim was raging..
The two blacks guard say that if the whitey want that can be arranged if the two come on their knees suck their dicks and be fucked by them...Jimmy who was from South state of Us say never..he is not gay he is bi and he always fuck as the male when he mounted boys or girls..and Phil was his/her lover and he don't want him fucked by niggers
The two guards laught..and one take his snake in hand and push head on Phil lips..Phil without a word open his fuckbox and try to enter a piece of that monster..he was difficult for him but his tongue play and the guy take his head and push slowly inch by inch.Jim say to Phil to stop that and want push the guard..The other take her arm in a close key and make him fall between his laps..The viril boy was in a child posture and the muscular guard start a good spanking who relax and humiliate Jim...After a spanking where Jim, with his legs in air, giggled the bull push him between his legs and taken his ears push without hesitation her prick in the poor white male mouth..
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Barbados suite

The top boy jim on his knees, warming butts after the spanking, and in a difficult position between the legs of the tall guard as no choice than opening his mouth and with tears take the big stick of he sppanker,,He hear Phil who moan sucking the other black and he find his mouth open and stretched by the big black cock,,Jim gasped but the guard do nt take care of that and fucked his mouth saying good white hole,,after a time the black male push him on the back in the sand and covered him opening his legs and taking the way to his butthole ; knowing what can happen Jim supply and cry he want not but the boy without other preparation pushed the prick in Jim,The hole resisted a few to the pression and opening,,The piece of black meat come in and make the road ,,jim was fucked and can see in front of him Phil on is four offering his/her pussy at the other guard,,

,The guards take time to cum on the butt of the two white boys , clean their dicks on the chest of the two and, taking their hats, say that they make a walk around to survey the beach and they want the the fucked lads stand them here,,they say that theyy know the hotel they go and that they find them if they go,,Jim say that they r..ed them and they want go to police,,the two laught and say we are police and you ae welcome,,our chief and other men hope always that to take aa few more part of their pussy,,,the two guard go,,Jim say to Phil come we must go,,Phil say they find us without where you go here,,Jim said but i don't want they repeat that,,i am a male,,Phil say me to i am a male when you, as my roommate and when your girl friend go with other man, make me suck you, fucked me and spanked me to accept beeing your girl,,you also f...d me to put panties your girl forget and also some lipstick,,Jim say but you loved that,,Phil say and i loved the black boy fucking me dear,,,

Jim was in trouble but stand with Phil,,the two guard returned fast and take the two wite like female by the shoulder and guide them to their hotel,,before going out the nude beach they say to the boys to put a pair of thong they have in a bag and the guards put speedo short who make appear their big male cock,,Jim and phil say if they can have their short and the blacks laught,,they patted them and push them to the hotel,.,in the hall they chat with the deskman and say they go to the room with the two boys to see their passeports,,The deskman laught and say have a good time.

Jim have a glance to Phil and say please don't humiliate us more,,in the elevator the two laugth and come to kiss them on mouth,,Phil don't resist, jim gasp but was gagged by the mouth and tongue,,in other corner of elevator a white couple was kissed by two young boys,,18 birthday seems, kissed and jim can see the hand of on under the dress of the wife and the other in te panty of the man,,a very girlish panty,,.

To be continued

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Hot story, it makes me want to go to Barbados. That must be a dream for whiteboys like me, just to be used by every Black Man who wants a whitey to get his sexual release.
Please continue, if possible in longer parts.

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