BBC Training Videos ?


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found these on the web.....

never seen anything like them before. i didn't know there were people out there making this sort of stuff !!

i would love to see more of them. anybody got any others ?
i just spent a while staring at these videos and they are quite damn addictive !!

if there's alot more of this kind of corrupting stuff out there on the web
i might end up regreting ever having found and watched them..

seems like all my common sense just goes straight out the window when i see huge
black cocks in action.
believe me, my common sense goes out the window when I feel huge black cocks in action :)
I've made a cuck training video myself, it's my first, so don't expect much.
dev_ehefrau said:
my husband would love to be a sissy but why show just shemales and not normal men receiving black cock

While I have no desire to be a sissy, I would certainly be happy and honored to be permitted to service a Black Man.

I really enjoy seeing a good cuckold film where the white male adds to his Wife's enjoyment by licking her clit while her lover gives her the kind of fucking only a Black Man can or licks the Black Lover's balls and ass to heighten his pleasure while he pounds the Wife's cunt or ass.

Of course, scenes where he cleans the Black Man's Cock and eats his Wife's cream pie afterward are priceless!


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