Becoming a Lady Part 1




[size=10pt][size=10pt][size=10pt]While I was in my senior year in College, I took a job at a warehouse loading and unloading trucks.

It was far from my dream job and really far from my dream boss, who happened to be a very large (about 6’3” & over 250 pounds), loud, black man named Vernon D, who always seemed to be yelling and always seemed to be singling me out for criticism.

I was one of the very few white guys working the loading dock and at about 5’9” and maybe 170 pounds, one of the smallest guys there, but I did my share of the work and always gave 110%, but I was the very opposite of Vernon, in both build and temperament.

At the start of my third week there, Vernon called me into his office.

Since that’s usually a bad sign, I began wondering what I could’ve done to warrant any kind of a reprimand.

When I arrived, Vernon motioned me to sit down, then quickly turned to me and said, “Look, I’m thinking of taking you off the loading dock and using you here in the office.”

I was stunned. “I’ve never had a problem wi-“

“It’s not your decision, it’s MINE,” Vernon said, raising his voice only slightly. “You’ve done a good job out there, but I think you can do better in here and I need you up in here.”

I shook my head in disbelief. “I don’t know anything about office work. I don’t even type, I mean I’m a fish out of water in here.”

Vernon grinned, “There’s nuthin’ to it. You’ll pick it all up in no time. Uhhh, but there’s more...”

“Like what,” I asked.

“Well, did you know Rachel?” He was referring to his receptionist, who I’d seen a few times, but she was very quiet – always well put together, but quiet, even distant from the guys on the loading dock.”

I shook my head no.

“Too bad, she was a real special lady...(there was a real long pause)...not at all unlike yourself.”

“What do you mean,” I demanded, knowing full well that I’d been insulted.

“Look, I’ve been watching you closely these past few weeks and you have all the traits that Rachel, formerly “Richard, had before I transformed her.

“What I’m saying is that with Rachel leaving next Monday, I need a new receptionist...and you’re her.”

“No way,” I shouted, “I quit.”

“Alright, but you’ve got to give me two weeks notice. It’s in your contract.”

It was in my contract, but I also needed the extra cash and the time to line up another job, so I agreed.

That turned out to be a huge mistake.

On Wednesday, two days after speaking with Vernon, some inventory went missing from the loading area. After a long and dramatic search, with plenty of fire and brimstone from Vernon, the stuff was the back of my Jeep Laredo.

I was once again summoned before Vernon, but this time he wanted me to sign some kind of confession before he called in the police. I refused, “Look, you know damned well I didn’t take that stuff. If I did, why would I leave it in plain sight in the back of my own jeep, where anyone could find it? Besides, my car keys, like everyone else’s here have been hanging in the front office. Anyone could’ve took those things.”

Vernon grinned, “And put’em in YOUR car? RIGHT!”

“Look you know I didn’t take those thing,” I protested.

“Do I,” snarled Vernon.

“Well, why would I put them in MY car,” I asked.

“Cause your stupid, like most criminals,” Vernon retorted.

“You gonna sign this,” demanded Vernon glowering.

“Nope,” I said.

“Well, we’re about done here, I’ll just get the police and see who they believe.”

“Wait,” I pleaded, “You have your stuff back and I’m leaving anyway.”

“All the more reason, or MOTIVE for you to steal. Besides, I ain’t got no choice. The owners are cracking down on all the pilferage going on around here. They want me to make an example of someone...and that someone’s gonna be you.”

I stared at the floor, contemplating the dire consequences, as he picked up the phone and began dialing, then paused and leered, “UnLESSSS?”

I looked up hopefully, “Unless, you can see your way to agreeing to what I asked you the day before yesterday.”

I returned my gaze to the floor.

“Look, you’ll get a lot worse in a prison. In fact, I doubt you’d survive there very long...pretty boi like yourself.”

I’d thought about that as well and the prospect terrified me, almost as much as Vernon’s offer, but the operative word was ALMOST, so I reluctantly agreed to become Vernon’s new receptionist.

As soon as I agreed, he hung up the phone and beamed ecstatically, “Looks like someone else gets to be the example,” then he cackled loudly, “This is going to be great!”

“Not for me,” I thought.

Vernon strode from around his desk and stood over me, “You’re gonna have to learn a whole new way of being from now on and you’re gonna have to do everything I say, cause you’ve got a lot to learn.”

My heart sank.

“Don’t act that way! Look, I picked you for a reason.”

I looked up insulted, “I look gay?”

“No, not at all, but I can see by your demeanor that you’re not made to be a man. Know what I mean?”

I shook my head.

“Look around, all the other guys bug-tussle with each other and get into confrontations all the time, not you. All the other guys around here are constantly striving to assert dominance, or at least keep others off of them, but not you. You avoid confrontation, your quiet, shy...even meek. No, you ain’t built to be no man and you ain’t gonna change any time soon on that score.

“The truth is, and you’d know this if you just looked inside, is that you agreed to be my lady, not out of some fear of a prison experience you knew nothing about, but out of your natural aversion to confrontation – you’d rather suck my dick and give up your ass, than take your chances confronting me and THAT’s why you’re gonna be my sweet-ass lady from now on.


“What I’m sayin’ is that being male don’t make you a man, not by a long shot, just like being female don’t necessarily make you a lady. It’s not about male and female, it’s about masculine and feminine and it’s the connection between those two that make MEN and make LADIES. YOU, like it, or not, are feminine, a “femme,” or feminine male, if you like that better. Inside, you’re as feminine and as pink as any woman.

“Maybe you didn’t realize what you are, but I think you always did, at least deep down you did.”

What Vernon was saying stirred up a lot of deep feelings inside of me. I had always felt very different than most of the other guys I knew and often even daydreamed about being a girl...but those were feelings I’d suppressed for as long as I could remember. I was ashamed and embarrassed by them, but here, standing in front of Vernon, it was as though he could see things inside me that I never thought anyone could see.

“That’s why what I’m gonna do to you is gonna be even more of a benefit to you than it is for me.” He then pulled me up by both hands and enveloped me in his huge body and kissed me, driving his tongue into my mouth.

I’d never kissed a man before, and initially wanted to back away, but I couldn’t. After maybe fifteen seconds, I actually relaxed into this and could feel myself accepting Vernon’s control.

When he let me loose, I literally gasped for air as he smiled broadly. “We better get started right away. I’ll have David take over for the rest of the afternoon, so we can start working on the new you. You’re gonna make a real special lady.”

I couldn’t believe I was willingly getting into the car of a guy who was intent on making me, in his own words, “a lady.”
Parts II and III

(Part II)

When we got to his house, he led me to an upstairs bathroom and ordered me to shave my entire body, not that I had all that much body hair anyway, while handing me a page of typed instructions on make-up application that looked like it came from the internet. Everything’s pretty self explanatory on there. I’m sure you’ll figure it all out.

“Just don’t make me wait too damn long!”

I showered and shaved my entire body, dried off, then began applying foundation, facial powder, lip and eye liner, mascara, eye shadow, lip stick and perfume.

I stood for a few moments staring at myself in the full length mirror on the bathroom door – with not a hair on my face or body and with my face all made up, I really couldn’t recognize myself any more.

My gaze was disrupted with a start, by Vernon’s knocking on the door.

“You about ready, girl?”

I recoiled at being called “girl,” but looking in the mirror, that reflection was a lot more feminine than it was masculine, by far.

I turned the knob and let the door swing open. I was shocked and mortified to see two people standing there. Vernon stood in the hallway wearing only a pair of briefs that revealed a large bulge that I tried not to stare at. Next to him was a large, but striking woman, who introduced as his sister Pam.

Pam stood giggling at the sight and shrieked, “Oh ma god! You got another one! So FAST!! This is really too much.”

Vernon chuckled as he ribbed Pam, as both looked me up and down, “Look at that,” he said pointing to my penis, “he don’t even have the makings of a real man,” he said laughing. “MmmmHmmm,” added Pam, “What’s he gonna do with that thing? You better off a female, girl-friend she sniffed at me haughtily.

He then demanded that I step into the hallway, “Oh my goodness, you look FINE! Oh yes, you’re gonna make any even more lovely lady than even Rachel did.”

Pam giggled uncontrollably, “They are so pathetic at this point...I really do feel bad for them.”

Vernon glared at me and said, “Make friends with Pam. Make her your new best friend. Rachel did and it made the transition for her a whole lot easier.”

Pam nodded her assent. I’m sure this one will do just fine too,” she said, “By the way, what’s her name.”

“I haven’t even given her a name yet. This is her first day,” replied Vernon.

“Oooooh! I know what that means. I better go,” said Pam. “Honey, you and me can get together tomorrow and chat. I’ll show you how to do a better job with that make-up...OK? Ciao for now.”

Vernon then led me to a spare bedroom across the hall and opened a walk-in closet packed with feminine clothes and a shelf filled with various wigs. On a large dresser were more cosmetics and perfumes. What are you, about 5’10, 180,” he asked...and he was just about right (5’9” and maybe 175 on after a big meal). “Yup, just about Rachel’s size.” He opened the top draw and pulled out pantyhose, panties, a slip, “These are all new,” he said, “we knew Rachel would be leaving for about a month, then he went to the closet and picked out a red dress, red pumps and a long blonde wig. “Put these on and don’t make me wait too long.”

I was numb by now, shocked by the entire day’s turn of events and the way a seemingly invisible tide had washed me up on Vernon’s shores.

I pulled on the dark garter hose, slid the red panties over them, pulled the red slip carefully over my head, put the wig on and fastened it and finally slipped into the red 3” pumps.

When I turned and faced another full length mirror on the walk-in closet’s door, I gasped. My old self, my “male self” was completely gone. I not only looked like another person, but I felt like one as well.

Vernon pounded on the door again. “What’s taking so long Miss?”

I opened the bedroom door and stepped out into the hall. Vernon cackled, “Now THIS is the real you! Can you feel it, girl?”

I nodded yes.

“I knew it. Now walk down the hall for me. I did as I was told as he shouted, “Work it girl, place one foot directly in front of the other and switch that hot ass for me.”

When I returned my face was beet red and my cheeks felt hot. This amused Vernon a lot.

I sheepishly asked, “Are we done for today, yet?”

Vernon laughed out loud and leered, “Oh no, sugar, we’re not even close to DONE. We haven’t even really started yet.”

I gulped.

“I told you, you have a lot to learn. Most females are socialized from birth to be feminine, you’re gonna have be shaped and guided by a man’s touch and this is gonna be a much more intense kind of training.

He grabbed my left hand and led me to the master bedroom down the hall. Once inside, he kissed me again, much more deeply and passionately than before.

“Kneel down for me baby girl,” he whispered. I did as I was told as he then slid his briefs off and his thick, dark, rock-hard member poked me in the face.

I looked up into his smiling face, he said, “You’re name is gonna be Darlene Renee. That’s a real sweet name, for a real sweet young lady.

“Now, what’s your name,”

I looked up and answered in a very soft, low voice, “Darlene Renee.”

“Mmmmm, that’s right Darlene, you know what to do with that cock, right?”

I began to lick the shaft of his engorged penis, working my way down to his balls, licking and sucking them too. Then I worked my way back to the head and opened to take that long, thick, cock into my mouth. He guided my mouth by placing both his hands behind my head and moving me along to the rhythm of his stroke.

After a few minutes, I could feel a pulsing through the shaft of his cock, followed by a wave of viscous, salty cum that washed against the back of my throat and down, as I gulped, half in shock. Immediately my insides felt all warm and gooey, but I kept on licking and sucking as Vernon continued to guide my mouth along his shaft. A second wave pulsed through his shaft, but this time, he pulled out of my mouth and sprayed his thick, milky, warm jizz all over my face, down my chest and in my hair.

“Ohhh yeah,” he leered, “You look real good like that.”

My face was covered with a layer of thick, warm cooze.

He led me by my hands and helped me stand, then unzipped the back of my dress and ordered me to let it fall to the floor. I stood before him in only a short red chemise, red panties, dark garter-hose and red pumps...he smiled approvingly.

(Part III)

“Now, jump on into bed Darlene,” he demanded.

I did and he turned me facing his feet and began playing with my soft, round, pink, hairless ass.

“Massage my feet, girl.”

I began massaging his thick size fourteens and he kept on playing with my butt.

A few minutes later he said, “You can kiss them Darlene, they won’t bite, you know you want to.”

“I do,” I asked, wondering how he could know more about what I wanted than I did.

With that, he swung me around effortlessly, as he sung his own legs over the side of the bed, his feet on the floor. He put me over both his knees, hiked my slip, lowered my panties and began spanking me...hard!

“This is for hesitating when I tell you to do something, girl. I need you to do as I say and you need me to shape and guide you into being Darlene Renee.”

By the fourth smack, my ass stung, but I didn’t even whimper for fear of making it worse. Then there was a pause and then I felt the more intense slap of his leather belt across my bare ass. Within three more strokes tears flowed down my cheeks and I began begging him to stop.

You ready to be my lady now,” he demanded.

“Ye-yes-YESSS!” I replied.

“Good, now let’s get back to where we were – you caressing my feet.”

“Yes, sir,” I answered meekly and began doing what I was told. I began running my tongue gently along the tops, then the bottoms of his feet, finally getting to the end and taking each toe into my mouth and suckling it.

I had just started on the second toe of the second foot, when I felt Vernon applying a sticky lubricant to my ass. It felt cool and soothing to the touch.

As I took the third tow of his second foot into my mouth, he slipped his right middle finger into my anus and began to work it around.

I tried to pull forward instinctively, but he easily pulled me back onto his long, tapered digit. Within ten to fifteen seconds, I was pushing back into his finger to the rhythm he set.

After a few more minutes, he pulled his ginger out and repositioned himself upright behind me, “Mmmmmm doggy-style,” he leered, “my favorite.”

I could feel the thick head of his swollen cock probing the entrance to me rectum as he positioned it for entry. After a couple of initial probes, he thrust the thick, dark, throbbing cock into my quivering ass. I yelped, with a high pitched voice that didn’t sound like my own any more. Vernon laughed, “You even sound like a little lady now.” As I again tried to move away he pulled me back onto his stiff rod with one hand. After what seemed like a long minute, though it was probably more like twenty or thirty seconds, I began to relax and just move to the gentle flowing rhythm of his thrusts.

I never felt anything so good...and I never felt so completely submissive in all my life. In fact, I never felt so natural in all my life.

After a few minutes, I felt that now familiar pulse along the shaft of his cock and suddenly he exploded inside of me, filling my ass with that viscous, milky, warm love juice of his.

I sank into his crotch wanting to drain every last drop of his jizz into my ass.

“You’ve got a real sweet ass Darlene Renee...real SWEET! A few more like that and you’ll be switching that ass when you walk without even thinking about it.”

I smiled at that thought.

“Look, in the mornings I want you in the office a half hour earlier than me...unless you’re coming from here, which many days you WILL be.

“You’re first chore is to make some fresh coffee, so it’s ready when I come in. Then, the rest of your job will be doing whatever it takes to make me happy the rest of the day.

“You can do most of that from underneath my desk,” he cackled, “but this first week I’m gonna give you off so that you and Pam can get acquainted.

“She did real good by Rachel. That girl has been on hormones for the last two years and living as a female full time. She has her Real Estate sales license and will be doing that, plus she hooked up with a cousin of mine from Atlanta. That’s why she’s leaving us – she’s relocating down there.

That’s why I needed you, Darlene.

“I can’t believe how natural this feels,” I said.

“See? I told you, you weren’t no man...I told you that you were a femme,” Vernon beamed. “This is what some of you white-boys really fear. Rednecks claim they fear the black man taking their women, sheee-it, white women throw themselves at us. What those kind really fear, deep down inside, is that many of THEM ain’t even real men and it’s the fear of having all those pseudo-males...all those as what they are, and being made into ladies and I just did to you. That’s what really scares the redneck,” he said triumphantly.

He smiled a conqueror’s smile, as he seemed to savor the victory, as this was not as much any kind of a racial victory, nor was it any mere justification of his right to claim any non-MAN as his lady, it was nothing less than the magnification of his manhood by the ultimate act – making a femme male into his lady.

We showered together and then went back to bed for more “lessons,” which I took on eagerly, appreciative of my ability to please this incredible man. I woke up sore, but in his arms.

At around eight AM, he headed off to work. Within the hour Pam came by and we hit it off right away.

Before lunch, Pam said, “I’m glad you’ve accepted this so completely Darlene. I mean, you’ve still got a lot to learn, but at least you’re not resisting. That’s gonna make this transition a whole lot easier for you.

“You’re gonna thank both me AND Vernon for this.”

Well, Pam was certainly right, as Vernon and I have been together for over ten years now. I’m still his receptionist/office-slut at work and his sissy-slut at home.
how i wish i could have been working at a place like this...and transformed by my Black Boss into a Darlene Renee....would have done so willingly like the young boi in the story

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