Being a slave



A few days ago I explained how I came to become owned by my master, so I thought it would tell you what I do for him.

I am a made, slave and whore for my master. My life is dedicated to his happiness and every waking moment I spend on him.

First I am his maid, I cook, clean, iron, and do all the chores for him. I am his slave, I signed a contract which I never read giving him full ownership. I have no money, no ID, the clothes I wear are his property as am I. I have no right to refuse or say no to him, he can use me as he wants with no complaints. I've been his morning wake up call, footstool, cushion, table, I wash and bathe him, drink his pee, clean him after he has been to the toilet and as punishment he has made me eat his shit. He can ask me to do anything and I will.

And I am his whore, he can fuck me however, whenever, wherever he wants. I am to be accessible at all times so I wear a butt plug to ensure he has easy access. I am kept in a chastity belt to remind me that sex is not for my pleasure but his. I am for his use and my enjoyment is not to be considered. He has me fuck strangers and rent myself out, of course if they are to pay it is his decision and the money goes to him. If he is feeling generous he will rent me out and then use the money I make to hire a black prostitute for me to worship.

In short I love my master and my life serving him.
I am a slave too, sadly not to a black God, but I recognize everything you say. It is exactly like that for me too, and Im loving every minute. Except maybe the minutes im thinking about BBC...
are you 2 who wrote above me about slavery women? or men?
I am an inferior white male who so badly wants to find a superior black man or couple to serve
jessica_wild1983 said:
And im female.

You should get a travel visa, marry a white guy here in the US and then cuckold him with a dominant, black man who will take ownership of you and your relationship. :)
Being the slave of a very bossy / dominant very mature black lady with a bi or gay son not older than 25 is my so far unfulfilled IR fantasy. Both would be allowed to use me individually or together as they see fit.

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