Best time I ever had



So now the husband knows and allows me to fuck black cock. As long as I still love him and still sleep with him of course and still have some fun together...So after we had a couple of play times with a few black guys and my dear friend Brit, it had been a week or two before anything happened again. Well besides our usual fuck sessions. So that is when I got surprised by John himself. So John has a gym he goes too and works out regularly at his work. Well apparently John has seen this black guy there for awhile working out named Darrel and seen him a couple times in the shower after the workouts, and noticed that is cock hung like 7 or so inches just soft. I didn't know but John after a few days of making small talk with Darrel had ask him if he would be interested in coming over and explained what we did and that how I love huge black cock and he like to watch me. He said of course you aren't the first guy to ask me, and laughed. So John came home and told me this coming weekend a friend was coming over and that I would be getting some black cock.

So now the weekend has arrived and of course I am getting excited. So Friday night we were waiting around and the door bell finally rang. John answered and their was Darrel, but he brought three other guys, that we didn't know were coming as well. Darrel said, hope you don't mind, I brought a few friends with me, I hope you don't mind, John was a little shocked still and I jumped in and said of course not, come on in and make yourself at home.

So we all made our way to the living room and had a seat, and I got everyone some drinks. John asked Darrel about his friends, and Darrel replied well I figured since you told me what you and Jen were into and how she is a size queen I would bring a couple guys I knew could deliver. I had to respond and I said, Oh really, well from what John told me bout what he saw in the shower, you are pretty big yourself, as I winked at John who was turning red. Darrel said, well I won't be the biggest here today and laughed.

So finally after what seemed like hours, but was probably only like 5 minutes if that I said so when does this party start and I get to see what I am working with, and make sure you guys aren't lying, and I can see what John has been drooling about the last few days…John yelled out, I don't think so babe, and I had to put him in his place by saying, please babe, you came home talking about how big and black his cock was and you couldn't help but stare at it every time you saw him in the shower…of course he said, yea but I was picturing it pounding you while you sucked my dick.

So anyways, to not make this all that long…after I said when does this party start and all that between John and I, Darrel began to pull his pants down as he was sitting on the couch. Thats all I need and I dropped to my knees and crawled over to him right between his legs and help pull the rest of his pants off leaving him in just his boxers and polo shirt. Tell you what, the tip of his cock was sticking out the bottom of his boxers and I was thinking he isn't even hard yet and he said he wasn't the biggest there today, wow. As I moved my hand up his leg and into his boxers I grab that still soft big black cock and kissed the tip of it and looked over at John and said, so this is what got you all hot, this big cock, I don't blame you wanting to see me take all this.

I reached up and slide Darrel's boxers off revealing his huge dick. I took it into my mouth well what I could fit in my mouth without any hesitation what so ever. I began to lick it up and down and suck it and play with it. The other 4 guys just sat there and watched. Darrel reach over and pulled my tank top off revealing my breast. With that, I stood up and pulled my shorts and thong off, and climb on top of Darrel, and sat on his big black cock. It took a few moments before I could actually slide down on it. Finally I was riding him and taking all of him, about 10 and a half inches I would say. I looked back to John and said is this what you wanted to see. And he just smiled. I looked around at the other 3 guys that Darrel brought with him and noticed two of them were already naked and sitting on the couch just slowly stroking their dicks one was about the same size as Darrel and the other was a little thicker but the same length, I just remember thinking I am going to get some good dick tonight. The other guy was just sitting there watching. I didn't think anything of it.
After riding Darrel for awhile, I climb off and walked over to the other two guys that were naked, (turns out their names where Tom and Jamal) got on my knees and started to suck Jamal and told Tom what are you waiting for hun, and with that he didn't waste anytime getting behind me and sliding his big dick into me. It felt great. Now John and Darrel were sitting beside Jamal on the couch, both naked as well, but Lance was still dress just sitting there watching, I was guessing he didn't want to play with us. So Jamal, Tom, Darrel, and John all had their way with me, we fucked on the couch, the floor, against the wall and everywhere else it seemed. I sucked their dicks, jacked him off, got fucked by them in every position there is I think. I felt like a certified porn star, LOL.

So after awhile Darrel said to Lance I think she is ready for you man, Which I thought was a little weird. I said oh really and what does he have for me. Lance just stood up and said why don't you come over here and find you like a good little slut. What could I say to that, accept walk over to him and stand there in front of this 6'9 foot just muscular black man. I undid his belt and unbutton his pants to pulled them down along with his briefs and I got the biggest shock and present of my life. Now I have had some pretty big dicks in my life, but right here before me now was the biggest black cock I have ever seen and I am not joking. Even John said, HOLY CRAP when he saw it. Darrel just said, I told you I wouldn't be the biggest, and with you telling me your wife was a size queen I figured bringing along Lance wouldn't hurt. John said, yea, but I don't want her destroyed, but then again a cock like that I would even want to suck it. Now that caught me off guard and I just told him I would love to see that baby. (so who knows where that could lead one day).

So back to Lance, this cock must have been 12 to 13 inches long and bigger than a coke can around. But I wanted it one way or the other. I just grab him by his dick and lead him to the ottoman and laid down and spread my legs, and told him take me. I looked over at John and said come get me wet to help make it slide in better. John came over and got between my legs and started to eat me out and lick my pussy, I guess he forgot that the guys have unloaded load after load into me. Meanwhile Darrel Jamal and Tom were around my head, and I was stroking and sucking with like I was a kid at a lollipop store. I remember looking down and telling John enough, I want that big dick baby, guide it into me now, and with that John reach out and grab Lance's dick and placed it at my wide open pussy, which didn't seem that wide now with this cock trying to enter me. Lance was able to get about 7 inches in and then pulled out and pushed it in again. It took about 10 strokes to finally take it all in. Lance fucked me like I was in a donkey show and use me like I was a cheap whore. He fucked me for at least 30 mins finishing with me bent over the ottoman and him ram me with all he had and cumin in me and when he pulled out I could feel the air and cum in my pussy from being so wide open.

So the guys left, and I got Lance's number and said you will be a regular no doubt. John and I took a hot bath and we talked about how hot that was, to get fucked by 4 guys I have never met before.

Also since then I have since Lance about 10 more times. I have made trips to his house, met him at a park and even introduced Britt to him. I am addicted to that big black cock now. I come home with his cum in me all the time now. He has even came up to my work and fucked me.
I'm alittle dumbfounded,
Many people responded to this woman when she explained her dilemma and asked for suggestions and everyone responded about keeping "us" informed, so when she puts in the time to explain to everyone what happened, in one of the hottest stories I personally have ever read, no one says anything. She also put up pictures and communicated very well with people. So, its beyond me why there have been such few responses.

I personally would love to hear more with updates, so if you decide not to post them anymore, please pm me the latest if you are still interested in sharing.


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