Birthday Party Fill Up

In high school and college I was always curious about if what they say about black guys was true. No one would have ever suspected this about me since I was always the "conservative girl." Well one night shortly after my divorce I found out for myself and have to say I was more than impressed. It all started when my friends took me out for my 33rd birthday and I met Marcus who explained he is a senior linebacker for the nearby college football team. He was a little over six feet and had broad shoulders and a very muscular build, I was attracted to him immediately.

After some small talk over a couple of drinks he asked me if I wanted to leave and we ended up at my house. Sitting on the couch Marcus didn't waste any time and began kissing me on my neck and placed one of his large black hands on my breast and massaged it through my tight shirt and I heard myself let out a light moan and closed my eyes to enjoy this feeling. His hand slid off my breast down my stomach and slid between my thighs. I felt my legs willing spread to allow his big black hand under my skirt to rub my damp panties. I had my eyes tightly closed and my threw my head back on the couch as he pulled them aside and slid a finger into me commenting on how wet I was. Pushing back on his finger I let out a satisfying moan and explained I haven't had sex in over six months.

Marcus smiled at me and stood up from the couch and removed his shirt giving me my first look at his ebony colored six pack abs, chiseled chest, shoulders, and arms. I removed my small panties and waited with great anticipation as he removed his pants and underwear. I let out a shocking gasp when he exposed the large ebony tool that swung out of his underwear and seemed to be pulsing as it hung between his legs. His pubic area was shaved clean and his cock was long and thicker than any Ive seen in my little amount of experience. He walked and stood in front of me with an arrogant confidence.

As I reached out to wrap my hand around his beautiful cock it looked small and pale in contrast to his huge ebony tool. I looked up at him stating "I guess its true what they say about black guys" and slowly licked the underside of it from the base to the head leaving a wet trail as I took as much of him as I could into my mouth letting it slide across my wet tong and into the back of my hungry mouth. He was now fully erect and seemed to be pulsing in my hand that could no longer fully wrap around his girth. I slid my other hand between my legs and inserted a finger into my now soaked pussy making me moan around his cock. His enormous cock felt so good in my mouth as I began sucking him like a wanton slut. I'm sure he noticed the way I began squirming as I moaned hard around his dick and came on my own fingers.

Part of me was embarrassed that I just came from sucking my new friends black cock but I was out of control and wanted it too bad to waste time being concerned with it. He pulled it from my mouth to rub it all over my lips and face leaving a trail of my own slobber all over my face. I found myself sticking out my tongue and licking it as he ran it across my mouth all the while looking at my towering black bull in the eyes knowing I was now at his mercy. He grabbed a hand full of my hair and pushed my willing mouth back onto his black cock and then pulled my head back so his thick cock popped out of my open mouth. Still looking up at him with my mouth still open, sticking out my tongue, breathing heavily, anticipating my mouth being filled once again. He was obviously enjoying seeing this white girl so desperately wanting to pleasure him with her mouth he repeated this numerous times until he pulled out for the last time and pushed me onto my back on the bed.

He climbed on top of me, his size making my legs spread wide and making me feel inferior to him. I became concerned with the size of his huge ebony cock that he was now rubbing up and down my small slit. I looked up at him as he applied pressure making me wince as his bulbous head compressed from my tightness and entered me. My body tightened and I let out a long extended moan as he f...d more of his fat cock into my wet hole. As he pulled back out to the tip my breathing became heavy as I anticipated re-entry. "Go easy I've never had anything this big in me before."

He looked down into my eyes as he slowly pushed and slid to what I thought was the back of my pussy. Submissively moaning out loud I reached my small white hands up to his muscular black shoulders and tossed my head to the side trying to relax my body so I could accept my first black cock. He again pulled out and slowly slid back into me but this time he pushed past his last mark into untouched territory. I was moaning through my gritted teeth pushing on his chest trying to back off him but he was too strong and held me engulfed on his throbbing black meat, his balls now resting on my white ass. It was at this point I think we both realized he was going to have his way with me and enjoyed seeing a pretty dark haired white girl lying beneath him struggling to take him all in.

He began slowly pumping me filling me with his dark meat. I lifted my head from the bed to look down and watch him pull out and fill me and was amazed at how he was fitting all of it into me. I've always been known as a "good girl" and for this reason I had a thousand thoughts going through my head such as, what would my friends think if they seen me right now? what would my family think? what would my ex-husband think? None of this mattered right now because I was getting more pleasure than I have ever experienced.

My pale skin on his dark ebony skin, my 5'2 body compared to his huge muscular frame, barely knowing him but giving myself to him, his dominance to take what he wanted, feeling him stretch me and knowing it was a huge black cock was all taboo. I felt it building up in my entire body and grabbed onto his huge black biceps and squeezed my thighs tight to his sides. He began pounding into me as I began to shake and thrash beneath him in the most intense orgasm of my life. Feeling as though I lost complete control of my body and mind I was lifting my body from the bed fucking back onto his big tool..

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