Black daddy coming over



Hey everyone just to let you all know I have a Black man 45 8in thick cock coming over tommorow morning to teach this white boi how to be good at his job, he requested panties and me kneeling and clean hole, I will let you all know how it goes
dont forget to take pix, love mature thick black men !!!!!!!!!!!!!
not sure if pictures will be allowed or not but we will see I haven't talked to him today, hope he don't flake on me
those fat superrior niggers love to show their africain manhood to the white hoe's, i think he will accept if you know how to ask !

hope he will com, can't wiat too have some news
yeah so I don't think he is coming over talking with a younger man with about a 7in cock that might come over now actually lol
To let all you know, he is on the bus and should be here in about 20mins maybe more or less, panties and white t on and will be on later to tell you details
good job white bitch! satisfy dat hung black master, and please try to take pix, i envy u my gsh, im so horney reading u lol !!!!
Today isn't my day I guess he missed the bus so I guess nothing for me today and the other man is a total flake sad day for me
lol confusing day to say the least, so he came over today after all the older one wanted me to get on my knees and start sucking him as soon as he walked through the door, that was no problem and it was fun he fucked my mouth a little bit, almost threw up a couple of times actually, sorry girlz made him wear a condom didn't know him to well at all broke the first one and the second time he enjoyed himself, he didn't cum at all, said he had a rough day he let me cum though while sucking my nipples and he left and I cleaned up and went and showered
wow fuck !! great story !! how big is his cock ? ask him abuout taking pix next time!
i was at the all male spa in toronto last thursday and had the pleasure of meeting a black daddy there for the afternoon
he was 55 big and hung a solid 10 inches with big heavy balls
he had me suck him in several positions for about 90 minutes holding off on cumming several times
when he finally came straddling my chest and stroking his cock he shot about 8-9 ropes of thick white cum completely glazing my face
i then spent 20 minutes licking his fat black and big black balls clean
i can never get enough sweet black daddy cock meat and cream
wooow good story, im hard reading this, please u bitches try to get pix!!!

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