Black Dom

The Dom who had me serve at the glory hole was a black Dom whom i had met online. After talking for a while, he sent me an airline ticket to come and see him. For the trip, i was told to only wear a business suit and tie - no luggage. i was picked up at the airport and driven to his office. His secretary was told that we would be 'meeting' all afternoon and not to disturb us. He was a high ranking person in his company so this was not unusual. He unlocked his personal rest-room off of his office and told me to wear what he had laid out for me and to leave my male clothes in there. He had left me a wig, chastity (with lock but no key), crotchless panties, garter belt, hose, heels, skirt and blouse. Once i was dressed, he locked me out of the restroom so that i had to remain en femme as long as he wished. He made me kneel, put a collar around my neck and made me confirm that he was my Master and could do with me as he wished. my hands were then locked behind me, my ankles cuffed spread to the legs of his desk and i was gagged with a custom made penis gag that went to the top of my throat. It brought tears to my eyes and i had to concentrate on keeping my throat relaxed and breathing through my nose. The only sound that i was able to make was a quiet whimper in my throat. Then i learned the reason why i had been gagged so stringently. He told me that since i had agreed that he was my Master and could do with me as he wished, he was going to fuck me and make me his 'bitch'. As i was being fucked in his office during work hours with his secretary just outside the door, it was imperative that i be effectively silenced. He bent me over his desk, lubricated my asscunt and his cock with his spit and began to push into me. He was very well endowed and it hurt as he pushed his cock into me. He told me as he fucked me that as his 'bitch' i would have no say in any matter pertaining to my use. After the fucking, i had to spend time under his desk, bound, wearing a dental gag with his cock in my mouth.
daverp said:
liked your story and ty for sharing may i ask what is a dentel gag?

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This is a dental gag. It holds the mouth wide open. Some (like the one used on me) have a strap attached so that the sub cannot spit it out of their mouth.

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