Black Goddess rides a white bitchs face

more white slutsving the Black Goddess
These videos nicely compliment the one that I just watched from another Daverp thread where the cuckold small penised white guy was used by the black guy to get off. I like it when blacks use whites to get themselves off. Very good stuff!
daverp said:

This is exactly what happens when a white boi dates a Black Goddess. She is bigger stronger and better built than her white dates....and she is IN CHARGE!
Great thread! When everyone thinks black worship everyone just assumes a black guy with a white girl which is very hot but I like to see black women tell useless white boys what to do too! Does anyone have anymore of this type of porn? I know it's out there.
thanks for all the positive comments really apreciate them---have some vids i bought from clips4sale as soon as i fugure out how to post i will
thank you all for the nice commnts ----wasnt sure this was for everyoes liking---wi;ll post more

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