Black men: What makes you REALLY hot?



Which kind of fucking do you ultimately prefer- - Is it where the woman does everything you say on demand- dropping to her knees and you fuck her...topping her the whole time and she's strictly a submissive? Or, is it the kind of sex where you're both rolling around the house, sweating, sometimes she's on top riding you, sometimes you're on top fucking her, she gets all aggressive once in awhile and makes you moan (when you do it to her good) know what I'm saying - the kind of fucking that brings out the devil in her. Which kind of fucking do you ~ULTIMATELY~ prefer? OR, is fuckin just fuckin? Of course I'd LOVE to know what makes YOU (in particular) hottest. Mostly in here I see women (and the cucks) pillow princesses. So of course I really wanna know how many men want something else, too...(if there's even any black men active on this website anymore.)
I like a lil of both....A creative submissive chick that will come up with various nasty ways for us to fuck is awesome . Turnons would be include having my nipples and asshole licked in addition to some good sloppy head. This may surprise some of you but a good kisser really gets me going too.
I love watching my big tit black wife get fucked by hung white meat. I take her to this porn store in Dallas and she goes from booth to booth. She dresses so nasty...heels, a thong with a see-through short skirt and a see-through blouse. Red lipstick. Guys crowd into the room and we circle jerk watching her take white dick after white dick. She fucked my dad last fathers day. I'm biracial. My white daddy has 9 inches. My mama was fucked by men that my dad brought home. We love this lifestyle. If our church members knew they would be shocked. But our pastor would love it. He hits on my wife all the time. I told her she should give it up to him. He's one of the few white ministers over an all black church. My wife has heard he's hung. If you are in Texas or going to visit write us. must be hung, white and nasty. Borderline racist when you fuck my chocolate bitch!
I gotta agree with sonasty. A great kisser makes everything a lot hotter. I like the girls (and women) who submit and do what I say and let me control stuff especially at first. Then when the fucking gets intense, they go "fuck drunk" for lack of a better term and start fucking back as hard as they can, and moaning for me to cum.
Ditto on that kissing thing

A woman that aint afraid of the dick, who throughs all sensibilities to the wayside to please the dick. ie: alot of spit, top to bottom, one who knows how to be predictable while not being boring. What I mean by that is if you gonna do an act of pleasure, do it for at least 30 seconds STRAIGHT or more !!! Nothing I hate more than just realizing a great sensation than to have it take away

Secondly, look me in the eye, nothing drives me than seeing my partner contorting their face and shit to how im throwing the dick
I luv white girls dressed like sluts,low cut tops, mirco skirts, fishnets, knee high black leather high heel boots...or clear high heels. I got a smokin thing 2. Luv big fake tittys, tattoos & piercings & bald white pussy.

In the bedroom, gotta 2 agree wit the kissin thing....but i ain't in2 the complete sub thang. I luv hate fuckin...luv 2 breakdown white girls. Make em bend 2 my will & perversions!!

Again gotta agree, luv eye contact, the look o pleasure & pain in a hot white womans face!!!

Luv bein call black &much worse.....drives me crazy & drives me to a more nastier place
I agree with everyone. A little of both will make me come back for more. There's nothing like the image and feeling after both of us cum and we're laying there covered in sweat and panting hard and she looks me in the eye and says i love you. My gf Sara is built like an amazon (think Lucy Lawless with DD tits and Kim Kardashian's ass) but can be very submissive. She always likes being spanked and having her nipples pulled. We'll start out doing master/slave but then she kicks it up a notch by planting her ass on my face and slapping my dick and balls while sucking. Eventually she would ride me while`calling me black and order me to spank her harder. She's also a grunter and can sound like a total animal when during sex. By the time we're done, we're out of energy and just lay on eachother with sweat trickling off our bodies.
Well I can only contribute from my own experiences of what I do that make my Men hot.

Total submission and obedience.
Always dress to please your Man/Men.
You are representative of your Man, so act accordingly - if he tells you to rock some guys world then do so - it's a reflection of Him.
Make your Man proud, dedication is the key.
Be a whore in the bedroom - and anywhere else He tells you to.Never question His motives, He knows best.

I know this may sound submissive, but admit it or not, we all like to be dominated to some degree.
In my case, it's a degree absolute ;-0

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