black spoof too funny!

Not that what has been said so far was derogatory or anything however, we are on a website here called NiggerWorship. Can you imagine what some peoples reaction to this site would be? If anybody that is a member of this website and has a problem with what that porn actress said then they are shitting in their hand and eating it like a granny smith apple. We should be supporting the real reason why she said the N word in the first place. I mean, why did this site get it's name then? The "N word" in this sense, to us in the know here, wasn't meant to purposely offend African Americans, though it would be no surprise if it did right? Therefore, the N-word should only be used when the black man realizes that it's NOT an attack against them and when it's used in a sexual kind of way, then I would think it would be OK to use it. However, I am not a black person and I cannot speak purely on their behalf regarding the issue.. Just my perspective. :)
str8blkman said:
I dig your passion but you do realize the video was a spoof,fake,made up,joke,poking fun etc..... :)

Exactly....good acting on the part of all participants.
Okay now I feel dumb. LOL I actually did not know the whole thing was a spoof. ;p It's all good though, that's what I get for not looking completely into it before speaking. haha.

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