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I was naked kneeling on the floor and sucking a huge black cock of James , my husband's black boss. For months my husband had been persuading me to have sex with his boss who had taken a liking for me. Finally I gave in and here I was giving him a blowjob in the living room. My husband watched in amazement as I licked and sucked James's cock till it was hard and throbbing with lust.

As I was sucking his cock his hands were all over my naked body squeezing my breasts and pinching my hard dark nipples. Waves of sensation flowed all over my body as his hands expertly moved over my breasts, nipples and underarms . I could feel the wetness building up inside my horny pussy and wetting my cunt lips. I wanted James to carry me to the bedroom and place me on the bed and fuck me . I was getting horniier and hornier with every second and the I could take in no longer. I looked up at James and whispered " Fuck me .....please!' , I cried out unasamedly.

James lifted me up from the floor and carried me to the bedroom. He put me down gentky onto the bed and spread my legs wide apart. As he bent over me I grabbed his hard cock and rubbed the head up and down my wet slit till it was covered with my sticky juices. The I guided it into my wey love cave. James inched his hard cock slowly into my wet hole stretching my cunt wide apart and finally the whole lenght of his cock was all the way in !I could feel the tightness of my cunt clamping around his hard black meat.

James began to move his hard thick cock up and down in my cunt. The upper side of his cock was rubbing against my exposed clit. Instinctively I moved my hips in unision with his plunges and withdrawals. I began to groan and moan as his cock went into places in my cunt where no other cocks had been. My juices kept flowing and the sounds of wetness filled the room as James's cock met my wet and heaving cunt. Sensation after sensation flowed all over my body turning me into a soft sex putty for James to use and to enjoy. Orgasms after orgasms came and my body went into convulsions of sexual lust and illicit pleasure. Here I was committing adultery with my husband.s consent and watching me doing it with his black boss.

My breathing became harder and faster and my groans and moans grew louder as my orgasms became more intensed. I could feel a very strage sensation building up deep inside my womb and then it travelled up my spine and to my brain . At this time my legs began to kick and trash about wildly . James might have noticed it and he started to pound me deep, hard and fast. I pushed my hips upwards very hard againsy James's groin as both my hands clutched and crumpled the bedsheet. Just about an explosion in my brain was about to come James grunted and he shoved his hard cock wildly into my very wet cunt. I screamed and screamed when James shot his load into me when I had my highest sexual climax. My hands went to his back and I clawed him in sexual lust and illicit pleasure . My husband watched in sheer amazement as his boss fucked his wife to numerous orgasms. James spent the night with me fucking me the whole night through . My husband must have heard my cries of sexual pleasure as James fucked me over and over.
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