Bodily sensations AFTER the blacking


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Sitting down the day after getting anally plowed by our man, has me really feeling appreciative for the big ol cocksman that we've landed.

Especially when seated and leaning over doing office work today, I can feel every inch of tenderness as a tribute to his sheer size and his animalistic thrusting. My wife and I enjoy relating the way he has made our bodies feel after he's left us. We are truly thankful to have a black man in our lives. Anyone else care to share their tenderness stories?

I'd especially enjoy hearing from the ladies, let's drown out the spams with conversations...have a great weekend all, and be safe.
Good idea about drowning out the spam. I hope you're sitting and bending over more comfortably now.
Agreed Zagg, though it is comforting to have a tender ass wink wink.

I hope more members participate, or sometime.

Have a great weekend bro, be safe.

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