Breaking My Black Cherry



I wish I could say my first time with a black lover was easy. It wasn’t but very hot and paved the way for a life full of black lust. I lost my virginity at age 15 to my boyfriend, a senior at our high school. I lost my “black cherry” to my father’s Operations Manager of our dry cleaning business at 18. We owned 5 stores in the Dayton, OH area I grew up in. Chet had worked in our stores since his teens and was now in his 40’s. He was like one of the family. We all flirted with him shamelessly including Mom. He had seen me and my 2 older sisters grow up. As we got older we worked at the stores after school, weekends, and summers. Chet also did repairs around our house. He even had keys to the house should we not be home.
One summer afternoon I was sunning myself topless off our deck by the pool. Everyone was away and I thought I was by myself. The garage door was loud and gave me warning to get my top back on should anyone come home. My sisters and I had used this warning many times sunning and skinny dipping with our boyfriends. Not thinking anyone was coming home for hours I had snuck some of dad’s scotch. At 18 I wasn’t near the drinker I thought I was. Add a joint to and I was very relaxed. Apparently I fell soundly asleep. I didn’t hear Chet pull up nor did I know he was fixing some electrical work in the kitchen. He had an open view to my little show.
I awoke and still thinking I was alone I peeled my bikini bottoms off and started masturbating as I thought of Tony my boyfriend. We had done some very heavy petting last evening in our living room. We couldn’t go all the way in my parent’s house but in my short denim cutoffs he had easy access to my goodies. Alcohol, weed, and sweet dreams made the desire in my thighs need attention. I was really enjoying myself as I rubbed baby oil on my fingers and played with my clit. I was running a finger across my clittie and into my well lubricated pussy. I massaged my nipples and they stood at attention in the hot sun. I soon had myself in quite a sexual frenzy and I came to a shuddering orgasm.
I open my eyes and there is Chet looking right at me. He is definitely excited because I can see his stiff cock standing at attention in his trousers. “Honey doll, who is Tony? He must be one happy many ‘cause you was moaning his name. Does your Daddy know you smoke grass and got itchy britches?” he chuckled. I was embarrassed to death. I tried to cover myself but couldn’t find my bikini bottom. Chet had it in his hand. “Missing something?” he asked. “You still got your peach? Still a virgin?” I shook my head no. “I didn’t think so. You have always been more of a handful than your older sisters. You put on a good show there Pammy.” I was mortified. “While I was at the kitchen window I was doing the same as you,” he grinned. “I didn’t cum like you though. You ended the show too quickly. Care to watch me finish?” I slowly nodded yes. I had never seen a black cock before in my life. We didn’t have the porn back in the 70’s we have today. Chet kicked off his boots and dropped his pants. No underwear. His cock sprang to full attention. I had never seen anything so dark and big before. I hadn’t seen one before. “Do you want to touch it?” he asked. “You can if you want.” I shook my head slowly and inched forward to put my fingers around this huge black cock. “Umm, feels very good in your hands.” I recoiled at the thought. He chuckled and guided my hand back to his cock. “It won’t bite.” He had me rock it back and forth. I was mesmerized. I couldn’t let go. “Lick it, if you been fuckin the boys I know you done sucked on one. Suck mine.” I was in a trance I licked the tip and tasted his precum. He grabbed my head and f...d his cock down my throat. I was scared but couldn’t do anything but what he made me do. I had no idea if he would cum in my mouth or what. The 3 guys I had sex with prior to Chet came the minute you touched them. Chet was making me do what he wanted and appeared to be in control.
Finally Chet pulled out of me and had me get on all fours on the deck recliner. I had no idea what was in store for me next. I was scared but so turned on I didn’t know what to do. Chet was definitely in charge. He spread my legs and told me to grab the chair with both hands. He grabbed my ass cheeks and started rubbing his cock across my open slit. His cock was huge and it was hot. My heart was pounding. I gasped as he started to push the head in. I didn’t think it would fit. He slowly kept pushing and I could feel my pussy lips split open and allow this big black cock inside me. I gripped the recliner hard as Chet worked himself in. I have no idea how big he was but I swear I felt every inch and ripple on that huge monster. Once in he started rocking back and forth. I couldn’t move. Chet did all the work. I was afraid he would rip me in two.
“How’s my black cock feel deep in that white cunt of yours,” he snarled. I couldn’t speak I was gasping for breath. “You seem to like black dick don’t you?” He grabbed a handful of hair and yanked my head back, “Answer me bitch, how you likin my black dick in you?” I moaned, “It’s wonderful.” “Tell me how bad you want this black cock in your cunt!” he commanded yanking my head again. I had never said the word before. I thought for sure he would slap me around. He yanked again, “Say it bitch, call me a black!” “Chet your black cock feels so good in my pussy. Fuck me!” He kept pounding away. Slowly something at that point had never happened before, I came. A wave rushed over me. My three previous teenage lovers came just after entry. This man was fucking me and making me cum. My face went flush. I gripped the chair and moaned loudly. I wanted to collapse but Chet kept fucking away.
Chet rolled me over and spread my legs wide while holding them. He entered me again easily. He had stretched my pussy wide. He pumped away furiously. His sweat was dripping on my face and body. I was helpless. His nut sack was slapping my ass with every thrust. He tensed up and I could feel his cock tighten in my pussy. Just as his load started to erupt I felt my own orgasm start up again. I didn’t even know I could cum twice! He collapsed on top of me. I held him tight.
He kissed me. Chet asked me how I liked sex with a black man. I was entranced, I didn’t know what to say. My legs were wrapped around his trunk. Chet got up, got dressed and headed home. I lay there trying to regain my composure. Eventually I dressed and went to bed to sleep. I woke up and found a pool of his sweet cum in my bed and bikini bottom. I know it was sweet because the next sex session we had I swallowed his load. Or, at least I tried to swallow what I could. We had a few more sessions until I went off to college. We drifted apart and he eventually left town. I never knew what happened to him but I have never forgotten him. He introduced me to a world I still visit today.
Great first time Mrs Condo, you learned how superior blacks were right there. Blacks are the elite when it comes to proffessional sports, so its no wonder why they are so great at the sport of sex. Not to mention their big thick cocks.
I lost track of him after college. He was my first black love. He set the bar!
I have for the past 33 yrs. My BF has been a large part of it.

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