can you help me find black on white lesbians?


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i like most of you enjoy seeing a black guy fucking a white women. the taboo (for the US anyway) is very arousing and besides that the sight of a dark body against a light body is a lovely sight. i also enjoy the reverse of a black women getting fucked by a white guy. this is very hot for me as well. these 2 are also the most numerous of the interracial stuff i like. these are fallowed by gay interracial videos that for the most part suck. i have seen very few good IR gay movies :'(. finally the last and what i long for the most are videos that involve lesbians. this finally fantasy is the most disappointing. i have seen one video that had a good scenario of 2 black women dominating a somewhat small white women. other than that one video, all i can find are BDSM videos and i don't enjoy that. oddly enough i enjoy dominance and submission but i hate BDSM.

do you think you can help me find more videos of black women dominating white women or even the other way around?

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