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You gotta love Chelsea, funny, sexy, and ready for BBC

Chelsea responds to 50 Cent tweet
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Interviews with TI before and after his prison stay. I would love to know what was in the care package she sent him.
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And I'm hoping the shot is to increase horniness
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nevercanthinkof1 said:
Well it appears that they are more than tweeting at each other now.

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Hot pictures, especially the second one ..would love to see more of them
I think Chelsea is funny and have started watching her show more lately after seeing these. I think it's kind of a turn on to see the black rappers flirt with her. Kind of a kick to see a women hold the cards but she has to be thinking about how much fun she could have with all those black cocks.
She's hot, and she's always a lil' "different" when she has a black male guest on her show... :)

Definitely BCS. :)

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