Well just finished the first two days of my cruise. I posted a few weeks ago that my wife started wearing ankle bracelots and I was worried that it would mean she was looking for black cock. Well she was. She was wearing a two piece bathing suit that really shows off her hot ass. I could tell she was staring down some black guys at the pool. She then tells me that she wants to go look through some of the shops at the lower level and leaves. Again, I see her eyeing some black guys around the pool who then point her out to each other.

Anyway. she is gone for about 30 to 45 minutes and when she comes back she is wearing a different bathing suit. I ask her why she changed and she says she just didn't like it. I then tell her I forgot something in the room and go to our cabin. I look every where for her bathing suit and find it stuffed back inside the suit case. The crotch of her suit is just filled with cum. I guess she isn't satisfied with what I give her. I kind of feel like I got kicked in the stomach even though I am a little turned on.
It's good that it turns it on, because it sounds as if your wife has discovered the joys of black.
it sounds like she has gone Black, and once a woman does this there is no turning back. As hard as it is to face, we must accept the cold hard truth that Black Men are superior to us white males. Once a white girl experiences a Black Man she wont be satisfied with a white male any longer. As difficult and painful as it is right now, go ahead and let it turn you on. Surrender to her as her cuck, and you will find that the cuckhold role is the natural role for white males. i was at one time tormented by this type of situation, but then i decided to go ahead and get it over with - admit the Black Man is better than i am, and then i was ready to surrender my identity and my balls to my girlfriend.

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