Declaration of a White Slave



Thought a lot of us would know this and live it or would like too

"Declarations of a white slave"
(some thoughts about my status in life, as a white slave to Black Men)

i am no longer a "person"
...but instead, an object - a thing - a toy for my BLACK MASTER's enjoyment and pleasure...and proud to serve as such!

i am not a "man"
...Black Males are "MEN" - my MASTER is a MAN. worst, i am lower than the filthiest female whore, since i have only two holes for the Superior Black Man to fill and take pleasure in. best, i am my MASTER's "boy", the highest status i can ever hope to attain in my life of servitude to Him and the Black Race.

i am not "male"
...Males fuck.
...i GET fucked!
...Males have Cocks.
...i have a smalll appendage - a boy-clit, good only for the release of urine, and for my MASTER's amusement when He wants to humiliate me by making me drain and swallow my own insignificant useless semen.
...Males are Men.
...i am a sissy faggot.

i am not a "person"...
i am not a "man"...
i am not a "male"...
...i am an inferior, insignificant, submissive, obedient white slave, in my proper place, on my knees, in service to a Member of the Master Race of Superior Black Men(!) as all white males (faggots) should be!

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