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Ok gang... I have a problem that is not necessarily a "black" thing, but then again it is... Always, in the past, I could visit a website, perhaps a tube site, watch a video and if interested, could put my curser on the screen, and my download icon would appear and so, away I would go downloading a good interracial vid. Now, for what ever reason, the icon no longer appears and right clicking does not permit a download. I went into my real player and reset the download options, but to no avail. This problem occurs in windows, chrome, and firefox.... I'm perplexed... any ideas out there?

signed.... black deprived Vera....
vera, ur probably talking about the realplayer download icon.

go to ur realplayer and check ur settings/preferences. somehow, urs was re-set, and ur now not offered that icon for d-loading.
You're right Jockboy, it is the RP download icon that refuses to appear. I have gone to RP, clicked tools, the preferences, download options, set it at download with mouse-over, but still, nothing... that's what's so frustrating.... Thanks though Jockboy

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