Everyday common ways to support the black men


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I would like to start a topic where we can discuss simple, common, everyday ways where we can support the black race and ultimately further our agenda to live in a society dominated in all aspects by those who are superior to us. In this case, we as white males(and any other race of males that are not black) are at the absolutely lowest part of the food chain.

Here are some simple, non sexual ways, to support black men.

Listen to and buy rap/hip hop music. This will result in financial support but will also boost their sales, thus resulting in more popularity and in turn more exposure for them to the mainstream spotlight.

Make a conscious effort to tell all female family members, co-workers, friends, acquaintances, etc how nice your encounters with black men have been. Say things like, "Oh I was driving and got a flat tire, the tow truck came and the driver was a big, mean looking black guy but he was very nice and had no problem at all helping me." Say that you were intimidated by his demeanor and admit that you were wrong to be racist and stereotype him and after this encounter you learned to be more open minded. By doing this, you will re-enforce your racist undertones while giving the female an idea to stay open minded the next time she encounters a black man. Also, by basically admitting you were being stereotypical and racist, you will give her more reason to stray away from white men who most likely have the same attitude and will further encourage her explore dating a black male.

These are some simple ways to help paint a picture of black supremacy and ultimately this will result in women servicing black men.

And that is just a purely beautiful thing.
That sounds kinda hot. I personally don't really know much about rap music, but if I knew the rapper was packing a huge cock I would most likely be way more into their music... anyone know which rappers are packing the most inches???

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