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I have no trouble finding guys that will fuck my wife. the problem is finding a guy that will chat with her on yahoo then on the phone before meeting her. she has the desire she just needs to get to know the guy first. to become kinda friends. she has a real problem with a stranger just for sex thing. she needs a little sweet talking. had one guy and he had brought her to the point of her wanting to meet him, but he backed out because he was married. she told me later she wouldhave fucked him. we live in the atlanta ares.
was the guy who backed out white? cuz i can't imagine a black backing out when he could get some free white pussy.

u need to get ur wife in the room with a black bull. all of a sudden she'll forget about needing to be "friends." he'll give her a little sweet talk, then the next thing u know, she'll be going down on his big black dick....and i'm betting she'll fuck on the first date, too.

ur in for a real treat when ur wife gets her first black.
how do you suggest getting her into a room with a real bull. we have been around black people all our lives she works for atlanta public schools lots of black co workers mostly women. problem is no one has presuded her. this guy was black but he backed out. she is a white wife of over 30 and brought up in the south not aganst black people just sex with a strangeer is her hang-up. take a little sweet talking.
this guy just had too many female harmones. wanted it when he got the chance couldn't make up his mind and finally backed out.
This is the perennial problem. It would be great if some of the black guys here would step up, but I know that connecting over the Internet is not very easy. You live where there are a lot of blacks. There must be places where blacks and whites socialize together. Your wife presumably knows how to flirt and let a man know she's interested. I think your best bet is to get out there and try to pick up a guy.
Im based in Atlanta and Im down to fuck if she can handle a big dick like mine. If so, send me a message through here and lets get it crackin.

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