First Hand?




I was wondering if anyone has had first hand experience taking a BBC in their tight white ass, being fucked hard and deep while you wife watches until being filled with a massive load of hot cum and then letting her lick it up as it trickles down your balls.

If so, could you describe what it feels like to have your tight hole stretched by a thick black cock; how it makes you feel to have a throbbing ebony shaft slid in and out, deep in your ass; how humiliated you felt knowing your wife was watching you moan and beg for a black man to fuck you harder, deeper and faster; how satisfying it was to be filled with load after load of thick, hot black-man cum; how empty you felt when his massive cock slipped out of your ass; how used you felt when your own wife sucked a black man's cum out of your ass, licked it off your balls and swallowed it with a smile on her pretty red lips and finally how degraded you felt, lying at the end of the bed not two feet from your wife, ass-hole still aching, watching the same black man drive his cock into your wife's warm mouth, tight ass and finally her soaking wet pussy and fuck her to orgasm after screaming, shuddering orgasm like you've never been able to do?

Just curious, I guess.


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My wife doesn't clean me out as I do to her. The rest is as you describe...heavenly. The feeling of being opened up by that BBC is indescribable. My wife is really into the scene, so it's not humiliating at all, just exilerating!

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