Good Morning, My Darling - A Vignette

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Good Morning, My Darling - A Vignette

By D.O.
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I awaken in the morning, still dressed in my sheer pink nightie,
the delicate lace and silk now sweat-soaked and cum-encrusted. I am next to
Master Leon, and I revel in his big, muscular, black frame generating so much
heat. I wiggle out of his grasp and slide down immediately to worship his cock.
It tastes I love that taste, the after effects of his hard bedding of
me the previous night. He had taken me in multiple positions and cum up my
asspussy three times, deep-breeding me on each occasion. Our gasping screams had
surely been heard by my neighbors, but who cares? I have my strong Black Master
sharing my bed, his bed now, as everything of mine is his and rightfully so.

Even limp his prick is bigger than my little gurl clitty is when
it's fully erect. I'm such a wimp. I inhale the heady scent of his crotch and
feel my juices begin to flow. I waste no time and slurp the entire six inches of
flaccid man meat into my mouth, letting my warm saliva coat every part of it. I
feel him start to stiffen right away, and I can tell it won't take much for him
to elongate to his full proportions. I hold my mouth down on him, even as his
stiffening prick starts to push into the deeper recesses of my throat. I want
Master to be fully aroused so I can pleasure him as he deserves. In less than a
minute, evidence of his arousal is plain; his cock is now several inches down my
gullet and my mouth is wrapped around the base, his pubes undoubtedly sticking
in my teeth.

I lovingly suck and suckle Master Leon's dark shaft, tasting his
masculinity, his blackness. He is soon completely hard and I am so proud of the
way I can deepthroat him; it is a true mark of my sissyhood that I am able to
fully engulf my Black Master in the hot and wet sheath of my throathole. That
extra-thick and viscous mucus from deep in the throat is coating his erection
and I am happy to be able to provide him with at-the-ready lubrication, whenever
he needs it. I gag on him, but my comfort doesn't matter to me. I know he can
feel it when I do gag around him and if that causes my airway to flex on his cock,
then more pleasure for Master Leon. It's what I live for.

He's all the way up now. I pull up and off him and look in awe
at the massive piece of flesh standing between his legs. Ten inches long and six
and half around, he truly is a sight to behold. Other sissies should be so lucky
as to have a Black Master like him. I pull myself up his chiseled physique
letting my tiny gurl clitty slowly drag over his spit-slicked tool. He's still
asleep, but it seems almost like he's in that lucid state between dreaming and
awakening and I intend to take full advantage of it. I lean into him, lightly
brushing my perfumed neck over his nose; I can feel him stiffen even further, if
that's possible. I pull myself up and over his shaft and settle onto his
washboard abs, his cock now laying nestled softly in my smooth asscrack. I
spread my buns and pull him in as close as I can. His heat radiating against my
puckered rosette is one of the most amazing things I've ever felt. Jesus, I'm so
ready for him, aching to be filled by him. I can literally sense the wanton need
slithering through my bowels, that almost electric desire that washes over me in
waves, igniting a heat inside my guts that can only be extinguished by a black
man's hardness invading me and then breeding me. And that man is my Black

I can't wait any longer and I grab his dark shaft in my soft
little white hand and position the head at the entrance to my sugar walls. His
cock is slick with my saliva and frankly, my asspussy is still full of his cum
from last night. Should go in easy, relatively speaking, of course. Master Leon
is so big, penetration is never truly `easy' but as his sissy it's my job to
find a way to make things work. I shift around until I can feel the very tip
just barely poking into my asslips. I focus on relaxing my sphincter and opening
for him and for the most part, I'm successful at it. I start to groan as first
the massive head pops in and then I start backing down, wriggling my hips
slightly to work my way down the thick prong. God he's big. It amazes me every
time, even after so many nights together.

I've got about half of Master Leon's thick manhood buried in my
tush but I need all of it. With a gasp and a short cry of wanton lust, I pound
myself back and down on the massive truncheon. There is a spot inside me, about
six inches in where the pain of the penetration becomes almost unbearable. But
with much practice, I've learned that I can push the pain from my mind and press
forward. I'm at that point now and my eyes water with the grueling effort I must
put in to achieve my goal of complete anal surrender to my Black Master. I force
myself to continue pushing and soon feel Master Leon's cock slip into the truly
deep tissue of my entrails. Success! God I love my master so much and I can do
nothing for a moment but take astonished delight in just how full of Master Leon
I am right now. I am packed full, it's almost as if he's in my stomach and the
delicious sensations are stealing through my bowels, like short bursts of high
energy. I plant my palms firmly on his chest and begin to rock back and forth,
swiveling my hips and working myself up and down, back and forth on his
incredible joint.

I look down at him through squinting eyes and see him looking
directly at me, a slight smirk playing across his lips. He knows how much I
worship him and his cock and he is so proud of how much I've accomplished in
becoming more feminine for him, a gurl who is committed only to his pleasure. I
open my eyes fully and smile down at him even as he grasps my thighs in his
strong grip and pushes me down harder. We both gasp as he bottoms out and sinks
in all the way. We are now joined together as closely as two people can possibly
be. It's a union of dominance and submission and passion and brutality......and
love. We stare affectionately into each other's eyes as I ride him, using my
inner muscles to massage and milk his sturdy black spike. Up and down, in and
out the rhythm goes, both of us arching our backs trying to get closer, to fuck
harder. I lean in for a kiss and he devours my mouth, thrusting his tongue in
between my lips, practically bruising me in the process. God I'm so hungry for
him, for his touch, even though it's been mere hours since he last took me, my
entire being yearns for his black beast to be buried inside me.

Suddenly, with no warning my little clitty explodes, shooting
pearly rivulets of sissy jizz all over Master Leon's hairy chest. I scream out
like a willful whore, blown away by the ferocity of my orgasm. I feel my innards
climaxing around his black viper and I know this is the moment he lives for. He
moans loudly and I can see on his face that he's about to cum, the way his lips
are curled, his eyes squinched tight. I often wonder if my neighbors do realize
what's going on over here, as we both make a lot of noise when we fuck. Oh well...

I'm breathing hard as my orgasm starts to subside, but the
entirety of my rectum is convulsing around Master Leon and I still need to be
focused on him and his pleasure. He grabs my slim waist in his beefy hands and
holds me down on him, keeping his cock as deep inside me as he can manage. He
roars out a mighty "Fuck yeah, bitch!" and proceeds to breed me, like a stallion
breeds a mare in heat. Like a bull impregnates a rutting cow. I can feel him
hosing down my guts, his cum coating every nook and cranny of my bowels. He
growls deep in his throat and soon it becomes a bellow, like the victory cry of
a triumphant warrior.

I cry out as well, my emotional reaction to him breeding me
taking hold of my soul, my heart, my very being. Master Leon owns me so
completely, our relationship almost defies description. I find myself kissing
him voraciously, almost eating his face as we both start to come down from our
climax. We breathe heavily into each other's mouths, panting, kissing, and even
giggling a little. Jesus what a mind-blowing orgasm! I collapse onto his
well-muscled chest and nuzzle his neck with my lips, content now to rest atop
him in the afterglow of a glorious morning fuck. Good morning, my darling......

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