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White girls are the best
Ok so I'm a huge news junky and the other day I'm on the fox news web site.I go there mostly for the comments that some of the people leave behind. There truly are nuts on both sides of the isle/ Anyway there was a story about a local high school that had an insane amount of pregnant girls in it. The photo of the pregnant girl on the main page was white.Even before I started reading the comments I already new what I was going to see. That the school is predominantly black and that it's more likely that the girls were black so why use a white girl on the cover story. Now while all that might be fact.What difference is it what picture they use? Anyway I start reading the comments and this one guys really lays it into the black youth. Sooooo here what I said to him

currierm posted: I love how the photo under the title caption is a stock photo. I suspected it was the second that I saw it. It's interesting that in a mostly black school they would use a white girls stock photo. It's likely that all the girls are black and now will be on welfare
3 days ago

str8blkman posted: Actually, I bet it's more likely that the girls are all white and the dads are all black.Dont get mad though they can't resist us :)

You are almost certainly right about that. White guys just need to get used to it.

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