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Hello all,

BBC lovin' MWC in Birmingham Alabama. We look forward to participating here in this great forum. Thanks for having us!
Thanks Zagg, I appreciate the welcome. I should have been clearer in that I'm hubby nellie, and Ruby is my hot blonde bombshell wife. This applies to our "playtime" only so out in society we're as next-door couple as they come. And thanks for your participation, you're a busy beaver lol.

Thanks dpfan, you shall hear awl about it Heh heh heh...

Hope that helps Peter, I just loaded to big an image to begin, ya had ta scroll it on over, pain in the ass :O

ps meant to post this in Admin's Hello post but was auto logged out before posting, pardon?
Hey Nellie, welcome to the board. I'm in Tuscaloosa, so its cool seeing some more Alabama couples on here. Have fun, any chance you're going to share some pics of your wife?

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