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I have seen something similar to this elsewhere but I wonder if we could talk about it again here.

The idea of a few of us wimps setting up a house for the use of superior black men. I would see it this way. Probably a team of five of us fully funding a house for six black studs. We sleep in mattresses in basement. Our jobs are to pay the rent, food and transortation needs for the men.

Two of us need to be on duty at any time. One to drive the men and their women around to wherever they want to go. The other to remain on hand to cook, do laundry, housework and attend to anything the men or their females want of us. On weekends we must all be in attendance to facilitate any party the men may wish to throw.

We are never allowed to look directly at the women who come to enjoy the superior bodies of the men of the house.

Any black man who comes to the house must be referred to as sir. No matter what their age.

Absolutely no masturbation allowed. Other than for the musement of the females there wishing to laugh at our tiny penises.

Any breaking of these rules by one of the wimps will result in punishment of all of the wimps in the manner of the choosing of whatever females hapen to be in the house at the time. Wimps have no right of appeal. The man's decision is final

What do people think ? Any additional rules to consider ?
A Log Book for one night in the House for Studs

20.00 The men of the house settle down to watch the game. At present it seems there will be eight women with us for the evening. Two of the men will be taking two women to bed with the others having one each. Two boys were in attendance to serve drinks snack and anything else the men or their women may wish.

20.30 One of the boys is sent to go and pick up a girlfriend of one of the women already present. She is going to enjoy the pleasure of the men for the night.

21.00 The boy arrives with the woman. This woman and her friend enjoy ordering the boys around and sending them to and fro to the kitchen for drinks. The boys never forgot that they are the guests of the men of the house and did not fail to treat them respectfully and carry out their requests. Two of the boys were asked to show their penises to the females, causing much amusement to all assembled.

22.00 The football finished several of the women agreed to put on a show for the men by making love with one another on the large sofa. The boys left the room at this point as this was only for the gratification of the men capable of making love to a woman properly.

23.15 The first of the men begin to retire for the evening taking their females with them. One of the boys takes his position on the upstairs landing in order to be near should any of the men or women require anything. The first sound of pleasure giving can be heard.

23.57 One of the females in attendance accuses one of the boys of staring at her breasts. One of the men questioned the boy and found him guilty. This means all the boys shall be punished tomorrow morning. The temptation to look is great with such beautiful females coming to enjoy the men’s bodies. However we all understand that Sex is strictly for adults and on that core we are not qualified to look on women’s bodies in that manner. Therefore we shall be punished tomorrow morning at 8 am in the manner of the young females who was offended’s choosing.

0.17 The last of the men retires for the evening the lounge is now clear. Two boys thoroughly clean the lounge.

1.28 The volume of the men giving pleasure to their guests reaches its peak as all the men of the house seem to be engaged in lovemaking.

2.24 The final sounds of lovemaking fade and the house is asleep except for one boy in the kitchen and one standing to attention on the first floor landing should he be required.

5.17 The men are beginning to awake as sounds of lovemaking can be heard.

6.15 Two of the boys were caught discussing how many women one of the men had fucked last week. They had counted 9 by the middle of the week but were then interrupted by the head boy. He reprimanded them for this talk. He reminded them that they were here to serve their superiors not to be titillated by their actions. He will report it one of the men before the 8 o’clock punishment and let him decide if they required further punishment.

7.30 All of the men and their women are up enjoying their breakfasts and all of the boys are busy serving them. The females are having much fun speculating on what our punishment is to be.

8.00 …

If people enjoy this I could maybe write more
Great idea. I've been fantasizing about some kind of wimp-house myself for a longer period.

I think wearing a chastity tube should be mandatory for each wimp all the time. Inside the house they're naked except their collars and castity devices.

As they are slaves they don't need much property. Maybe two trousers, some t-shirts, sandals, no socks or underwear. Their shirts have slogans on it like "Tiny dick", "Black Mans slave", "inferior whitey" or else so they have to show and prove their purpose and mindset to the public when they are out of the house.
i totally understand the concept of the 'wimp-house' and in many ways because ... in a reverse sort of way ... i am living this right now -- and, yes. Really. Very much so. i thought i could explain in the hopes that my own personal experience and subservience & servitiude to the Mighty Black Race might assist in forming this home.

Briefly, the truth of the matter is that i consider myself a str8 white male 'wimp' who has been made to do some bi things, and have accepted this humiliation. i am 6'7" tall and UNathletic, a wimp who REALLY did lose my wife to the young Black Stud a few years ago when He 'emasculated' me in her presence .. & then began seeing her. This is absoluetly the truth in what happened and seeing Him 2 years later (after He tossed her to the curb) was the time i simply caved in and accepted my white inferiority. His Blackness, Lord Da'Quan, is 5'8" 185 lbs and a muscular amateur-esque bodybuilder type - very athletic. Truly, i "do" pay for many things to support His Royal Blackness, who is 28 now. Anyone i befriend can visit and see how real this is.

However, getting back to the brilliant wimp-house concept ... i will say that the House (or houses) should be named AFTER our BLACK SUPERIORS ... to show respect and admiration for Their Holy Blackness and The Uncontested, proven Supremacy of The Black Race. Perhaps, "Black Master Castle" or "The Castle of Blackness" or even "Black Man's Domain" or "Mecca of Blackness." ... these are merely suggestions.

More appropriately, a decent-sized cul de sac of 5 larger 5-bedroom homes near the city would be more suitable for the right Black Master Lord Superiors, which would be financed 100% by us white inferior wimps. Of course. However, the 5 Black Masters that would "stack claim" to these 5 homes would be the primary Master in charge of all events ... with, of course, deciding which other Black Studs would visit and spend time there. These homes would be set up to appropriately SERVE Their Supreme Black Cock Lifestyle .. complete with Football and Basketball/ sports rooms ... weight/ workout centers and a Boxing Ring styled format for "Conquest Games." ... which are there for Their "shows of strength & control" over us white wimps - for the entertainment of Them and Their guests, both male & female. Perhaps, in the basement. The number of bedrooms would be there for Their chosen white bitch-fuckholes of fuckpigs for that particular period of time. The Main Black Master "would" control Their claimed house while we white wimp inferiors support and finance His Almighty Blackness in the manners He deems necessary. The Black Master of each House would NOT work - He wouldn't have to.

Because we white wimps so VASTLY outnumber the Superior Black Lord Masters by 14-to-1 in the world (12-to-1 in the USA) ... and we have already gotten our asses "kicked" by Them in many social arenas .. and in such a one-sided and lopsided manner ... each Young Black Lord Master would have 14 'primary' white wimps assigned to His service and the service of His castle. ASIDE FROM splitting the mortgage 14 ways ... each wimp would be commanded to Sacrifice and provide 15% of their net salary in a direct deposit to His Blackness in order to support His Almighty Lord black Lifestyle - and - the Black Cock Bred children His Lordship has produced with His chosen white babymomma fuckholes or bitches.

white wimp duties would include financial support, washing His Blackness' cars/ autos, cleaning, cooking, laundry duties, foot & body massages, bathroom cleaning, errand boy, cocksucking duties, ass kissing duties, etc etc etc etc etc. Us white wimps would have to be dressed appropriately in a uniform of white casual slacks that are male and a hot pink tee shirt with a Black Power Fist symbol on it and the words "Black Owned Bitch Boi" on it ... and a pink cats' collar around their necks and hot pink colored slipper type shoes. Parties and events, the Black Master may require additional wimp servants to Serve Their guests ... and, in any manner Their Holy Blackness decides.

Chastity is difficult - yet a whiteBoi would be allowed to release once a day at the end of the day but ONLY on his weak white knees and with the crotch of the Black Master's Stud Bikini draped over his face and head - to show respect for His Superiority. After one year in service at the Black Man's Castle(s) .. each primary white wimp serving would be required and commanded to get a Black Power Fist Symbol tattooed on their left arms with the words, of course, being BLACK POWER over the words WHITE DEFEAT.

The 14 primary white wimps serving will have their sleeping quarters in the basement next to the smaller modified boxing/wrestling ring and they are comfortable 'cut out sections' the size of a twin bed ... for individual privacy. No need for them to be completely uncomfortable. However, they are NOT allowed to speak to one another unless given the permission of Their Younger Black Lord Master King, which may be no more than once-two times a week. Serving in silence with the exception of responding "Yes, Lord" or "Yes, Master" or "Yes, Sir" should be some of the only worlds that should be spoken in the presence of Black Superiority.

Daily ass-kicking is required as each white wimp would be mandated to get on all fours and receive no less than one swift kick to their inferior backsides and as many as 100. This reinforces Black Supremacy/ white inferiority and submisison on a daily basis. Daily face-slapping would be required as a group setting during any part of the day the younger Master decides ... and all 14 primary white wimps would line up and receive their one daily face slap as the Black Stud Lord Master 'walks down the line' and shows BLACK CONTROL over us 14 wimps and gives us a mild to firm "tap" across the face, further reinforcing Dominance.

Disciplinary measures would be decided upon the Black Master as well, and these sessions would be private behind closed doors while the remaining white inferior wimps kneel outside the door and listen to the punishment delved out by thei Black Kings.

Furthermore, a wimp or wimps would 'kneel' before the bed or outside the bedroom doors when a Black Lord is fucking His white bitch, whore, fuckhole or cum dump. How the white women demeans the wimp (with the permission) of the Black Master Stud is up to her as well.

There will be at least ONE form of Public Humiliation and Public Disgrace for each white wimp at the hands of a Black Superior each month - these could be anything from running errands in his Black Owned tee shirt with superior Black seed on his face ... to ass kissing at a beach, etc etc ...

These are just some of the ideas. i would imagine after the first community cul de sacs have begun, there will be many more to follow in many other cities.
This is a great idea. I have seen posts like this on some other websites. My only suggestion would be to RENT a house for Black Studs to use as a party space and more importantly as a place where they sire black-Bred babies with white women.

The reason I say the house should be rented instead of bought so the white wimps can have money to support any children that are bred so the studs don't have to. Niggers should make babies not support them. It would also be a great place for white wimps to bring their girlfriends and wives to get fucked by big dicked studs while they watch!

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