How do I get there?


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I want so badly to be taken by a Real Man, a Superior Black Man, and for Him to train me to worship his Black Cock. I just don't know how to find Him. How do I find a Black Man who'll bother to break my pathetic white ass in?

Any suggestions?


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Go to the nearest gay or BDsm bar and make yourself known. He'll find you. Good luck!


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I was talking to a Superior on another site, and he wants me to 'dehair' my lower body and get some lingerie to model for him. Does anyone know a good way to get rid of body hair (I'm not a bear by any means, but I have man-hair) and where a guy would find some lingerie that a Superior might find attractive on a slightly overweight white man?


I would recommend a good waxing--or if ya wanna do it yourself Nair works good. Here is a good site to shop- they have plus sizes too

Good luck! and always remember to swallow that black load!


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BE who you truly are inside...and go to a department store to buy your girlie things! you woul dbe surprised how many sales girls are willingly to help you...besides it makes you feel even more femme!

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