How do us white bois get a black man to serve?

how do you guys get these black gods? I am so desperate for black cock but seems they only go for women. i go out of my way to get one such as Graigs List but never hear back. Help please...........
You need to make it clear how much of a whore you are, that you will travel to them and let them fuck you however they want. Remember it is an honor to serve a black man so be prepared to make sacrifices. Make sure they know you will do anything for them no strings attached.

Start going to gay bars and try to flirt and catch the eye of every black guy, again you want them to know that you're a filthy little slut that wants to get fucked by whoever wants it. Don't just go for the fit athletic types be prepared to fuck the fat, ugly black guys too they are just as deserving. And when you do get the chance to pleasure a black god make sure everyone else there knows it.
Get more feminine and be a girly girl.Dress up in your finest panty,bra,skirt,top,heels,wigg and applay full make up to get the right lock.
go and meet shome black guys and show them your femenine side.
Thank you for your comments. I really do try very hard i have been so desperate to go walking where i know homeless men are just to be fucked. i love all types of black guys. The problem with gay ones is they act like white gay men and just not that much of a turn on. Oh i would do anything a black man wanted me too. I would be his toilet if he asked. Really want one to feminize me so bad. I know this all sounds crazy but its truly what i want.
It's not crazy it's the natural reaction to obvious black supremacy.

But I can assure you there are aggressive dominant black men out there you just have to keep trying.

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