How many other women/girls have you helped convince to go blk


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Based on throbbing black cocks brilliant post, How many black guys have you fucked ... here is a different question ... White females only and feel free to add any details ....

Black cock women ... How many other women/girls have you helped convince to go black?

I hope to see great examples of spreading the gospel of black cock.

Curious Craig white wimpy little dicklet beta-male cuckold wannabe that believes in the superiority of black cock
i only hang around with friends who are going out to get black fucked... so pretty much all the girls i know

personally i think ive made 1 or 2 go black only but its not me who makes them really

its the black cocks that just fucked her silly

That is very awesome ... keep up the great work. Of course superior black bull and their big black cocks are the ultimate reason white girls and women are now starting to flock to black men but many white girls and women need help and support to go black. The more women that spread the word and help them the better. Also the more white guys that help the better.

Have a great weekend.

Curious Craig

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