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Well that confirms that then i said aloud as the little bit of white plastic screamed back at me pregnant, i was despondant but still turned on thinking back to how i got myself into this mess, we started posting my pics on with me showing my 40E boobies and shaved pussy to the world, i had become a comment whore the more the guys wrote what they wanted to do the hornier i became and our sex life had gone from zero to steamy and down right slutty in the space of a few short months, i got very friendly with a regular on the site who also sent me pm's and we exchanged messages of what i would do to his hot black cock and body after i fell in lust with his profile pic, he was tall athletic strong and toned looking with a cheeky smile, one day Mike and me (my husband) were taking pics for the site, "do you fancy making the pics more fun"? i asked, what do you want he replied, "well you know the guy Paul i speak to on NN well i want you to take pics as i fuck him, "i'll think about it" he said, i could see the bulge in his pants and stroked his semi erect cock, i see you already have, shall i arrange for this saturday then? we invited him over for a meal and drinks as the boys enjoyed some beers i went up and changed in to my crotchless bodystocking, i rejoined them on the sofa and started the fun that was to follow i was sucking Pauls cock as he mercilessly teased my pussy, he stopped and said not here, i want to fuck you in your marriage bed, i led him upstairs and Mike grabbed the condoms and the camera once more, he went to work on my pussy and almost brought me off on his tongue then stopped and said lie back, i spread my legs ansd said "condom", he shook his head and said i want to feel that pussy properly i will put it on before we get too carried away, his cock was a good 8 inches just a couple of inches longer than i was used to but wow what a difference 3 inches makes as he started to enter me i felt myself start to go, after 4 strokes he went to stop but i started to cum and wrapped my legs around him, dont stop i panted, he pounded me into ecstasy, i came like a wild animal screaming and gouging his back bucking back onto his meaty cock, he stopped suddenly he was still balls deep stop he whispered or i'll knock you up, i kissed him and kept bucking back, did you hear me he asked? i just smiled and carried on and gently bit his chest, he withdrew about 4 inches and i took Mikes hand he had been rubbing my titties in between the pics, i wrapped his fingers on Pauls cock and started him stroking the exposed shaft with the other 4 inches still in me roughly the size of Mikes cock, as Paul came he groaned let out a loud grunt and plunged his cock balls deep not wasting a drop and trapping two of Mikes fingers in the process, he smiled at Mike and teasingly said, every hubby should be the one to put a baby in his wifes womb, we carried on fucking using condoms but that was obviously a futile effort

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