I am bad

Well done girl, get your brains fucked and have fun with hubby. But i m dissapointed that you tokk your picture off.
At least put some picture of your beauty/body here. It is a shame not to have one up.

Take care
I will put some more pics back up. Just have to take my face off for now. Wasnt wanting hubby to see it just yet on here. Just incase he ever ended up here.
If your husband just "ended up here" your problem would be solved.

chicplayer325 said:
I will put some more pics back up. Just have to take my face off for now. Wasnt wanting hubby to see it just yet on here. Just incase he ever ended up here.
Thats what i m talking about. Right On. Two thumbs up

and the Middle One ready for a Jailbreak Lol.

You rock gril
It was a fun night. Britt and her friend Mike came over to hangout. We sat around and drank some wine and the guys had their beer. We ended up in the hot tub, were fun usually happens. We all have some good conversations going, when I was rubbing my husband under the water to help get him into the mood for what Britt and I had plan. Thats when I started to make out with John and Britt followed by making out with Mike.
As the making out got heavier, is when things got interesting, or should I say got better. I had John sit on the edge of the hot tub and removed his shorts and started to blow him. I peeked back to see what Britt and Mike were doing and she was topless and sitting in his lap making out…
I guess Mike noticed me looking back because about a minute MIke carried over Britt and sat her right next to John and started eating her out. So here I was sucking John while Mike was eating out Britt right beside me. Then I felt a hand rubbing my pussy and it was Mike reaching back rubbing me. I looked up to see what John was thinking about this, but he was to busy kissing Britt. So I looked at Mike and winked. I guess that is all he needed to see, and thanks to Britt for taking John's focus on me, Mike repositioned himself behind me and started to slide that nice big fat black cock into me. Now I have said it before, John isn't on the small side, which is one reason I love and married him, but wow Mike felt huge. It was great.
As Mike started to push inch after inch into me, I moaned and that caught John's attention, I was wondering what would happen, specially with some other guy fucking his newly wife. But John didn't seem to care all that much, I mean he was still getting head from me and still kissing Britt, and at least fingering her. John then suggested that we take this inside.
So once inside we found our way to the bed room. I figured I would still get to be with Mike but he went after Britt, not even wasting anytime either, just bent her over the bed and started pounding away. John laid down and I climbed on top, and we all changed positions a few times, and then Mike and I were back together. This time he climb on top of me, and John and Britt were fucking beside us. Mike pounding me like I was some slut he picked up in a bar, (reminded me of my other nights) and I remember looking at John and saying you like watching me fuck a black cock, and he answered yes, and I told him fuck Britt like Mike is fucking me, and about a few minutes later Mike was cumin inside me. After he pulled out I could fill it running out of me. I grab John and climb on top of him with Mike's cum in me and still dripping down my leg. Britt didn't wait long to start sucking and cleaning off Mike. John lasted about another 2 mins if that, and added to what seemed like a gallon of cum in me. We all laid there for a little bit longer and Mike and Britt got dressed and left. John and I got into the shower and I asked him how he felt, and he said it was a big turn on and a great night.

Sorry for the long story, just thought you guys might be interested.
Well I have been fucking some big black cock now and husband loves it. We actually had 3 guys over to fuck me good.

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