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After my first extramarital sex with James , my husband's black boss, I looked forward to his weekly visits to have sex with him and his stay over with me in our matrimonial bedroom. James never failed to get me wet and horny with his hard black cock ramming and pounding me to many body wrecking orgasms. I never knew that a man could make me feel this way until he took me and used me for hours of sexual pleasure and illicit lust. Soon James' weekly visits changed to daily visits and we had sex every day . My home now became his home and my bedroom now became his and mine only and my husband was then exiled to the guest room while his boss spent the night with me fucking me all night through. James was my first lover and he brought the whore that was hidden in my body for so long and he had set me free of all inhibitions .

James was now more like a husband to me than my real husband was. He would buy me sexy clothes and very revealing bras and crotchless panties and he wanted me to wear then everyday. I needed little persuasion as I love to look and feel sexy and horny wearing them .My pussy was all the time wet and horny and when James was not with me I would play with my pussy and shoved dildos into my hungry cunt to satisfy my sexual hunger.From a shy and innocent housewife I was now a cock-hungry whore for black man's cock. I blame this on my husband who persuaded me to have sex with his boss. I hope he had no regret turning me into a whore as I was now .

One day James brought two of his friends home with him and he introduced them to me as Terry and Jeff. Both of them were in their early 30s. They were both muscular guys and over 6 feet tall. I was wearing a see through blouse wearing no bra and panty and both of them gawked at me and I was sure that their cocks were getting real hard. James pulled me to him and gave me a hot passionate kiss as his hands roamed all over my breasts and my ass. I pressed my horny body against his as his Terry and Jeff watched in amazement. I felt James' cock hardening as I pressed my body against his.

I unzipped his pants , pulled out his hard cock , knelt down and took his cock in my mouth.I licked, I slurped and I sucked his cock with hunger. I was like a bitch in heat and I did not care that Terry and Jeff were there. James looked at them and he nodded his head as if to say that they could join in too!Soon their hard cocks were out too and the formed a circle around me as I sucked each cock in turn. I licked and I slurped them all with joy. By now all our clothes were in a pile on the floor and there I was fully naked with three naked black men with their cocks in my mouth. My pussy was literally dripping with juices and I wanted all of them to fuck me . I had never even thought that I could be a woman like I was them - cock-hungry and very horny .

My sexual need was out of control and I looked up at James in a pleading manner and he knew what I wanted. He led me to the bedroom and beckoned his friends to follow. As soon as we were in the room James lay down on the bed with his hard cock at attention. He asked me to climb on top of him and sink my cunt over his cock which slided in easily as my cunt was well lubed with my wetness. Terry was on his knees behind me and he rubbed some sticky stuff on my ass and then inched cock slowing into my very tight asshole. I felt a slight pain as his thick cock violated my virgin ass ! Jeff was over my mouth with his ass facing James.

James, Terry and Jeff moved in unison with their cocks pounding all my holes at the same time. This was my first time that I was fucked by three different black guys at the same time!In and out their cocks moved in all my willing holes and my body was washed all over by waves after waves of wonderful and very blissful sensations. My body trembled and convulsed with sexual pleasures. I surrendered my body to all these three black guys to do want they wanted with me. I groaned and moaned as I kept cumming over and over and the pleasure I felt was out of this world. My asshole and my cunt tightened around the hard cocks each time I cummed. My mouth sucked the cock in my mouth with eagerness. There was so much noise in the room with the men grunting in lust and me groaning and moaning with illicit adulterous lust and the sounds of wet liquid as cocks violated all my holes.

The final climax came when the cocks started to throb inside my holes and me approaching the highest peak of my orgasm . Through the corner of my eye I saw my husband watching me being fucked by three black men at the same time. He was stroking his cock as he watched. Then all hell broke loose as the three men flooded all my holes at the same time ! I screamed , I thrashed about and then trembled all over in total sheer lust as all of us reached the highest point in our climax.

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My True Story (happened last Christmas-names HAVE NOT been changed)...

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Tammy looked up and could see LIONEL’S THROBBING BLACK COCK inches from her lips, now wetted with rapture and wonder. Why she never had gone BLACK before was a mystery to her, but one she would soon overcome. Her pussy lips were so puffy from expected pleasure. Then LIONEL grabbed her hot white ass and drove her loins into his wonderful THICK BLACK COCK, impaling her with his BLACK SHAFT and making her gasp. “Oh, THIS is what I NEED!” she cried. Looking over at Steve, she screamed “is this what you have been keeping me from, you asshole!” “My pussy belongs to BLACK COCK now, so get used to prancing around in those pink panties and get ready to taste his silky BLACK CUM in your sissy mouth, you fag!” “Oh, LIONEL, fuck this hot white pussy. My pussy NEEDS a BIG BLACK COCK!!”, Tammy screamed.

Steve saw that her swollen pussy lips were indeed drenched with girl cum, as Tammy urged her new BLACK MAN to continue to fuck her senseless, even as she knew in her mind that Steve’s boi pussy was about to become the property of LIONEL; something she knew she wanted to happen, so that she could continue fucking many BLACK MEN, while Steve became a proper sissy cuckold for all BLACK MEN to use and abuse.
Tammy’s pussy continued to leak girl juice as LIONEL fucked her deep and hard with his AWESOME 10” INCH, SODA-CAN THICK BLACK SWORD. His deliberate strokes back and forth were having the desired effect on Tammy, as her breasts heaved in delight. This was the fucking she had longed for all her life. How she could think Steve’s little penis could ever satisfy her was now unconscionable. BIG THICK BLACK COCK was what was now impaled in her sweet white pussy; and that would now be the only cock that would ever enter her wonderful tight pussy from now on. LIONEL started kissing Tammy, and she just melted in his relentless attack on her body, her mind, her soul. Now she knew why her friends craved BLACK MEN, because all white girls belong to BLACK MEN!!

Tammy again looked over at Steve-now her cuckold little sissy, of whom she once thought of as a dominant, was simply a cuckold, and she knew all he was good for now was his money, and that wicked tongue of his-a tongue that would soon be licking up a BLACK MAN’S cum from her shaved, swollen labia. The vision of that moment sent her into ecstasy, as LIONEL kept his pounding into her pussy, ever sending her into more heightened sensual pleasures that even she did not know existed in her mind and on her body. LIONEL’s delicious kisses, with his tongue swirling in and out of her mouth kept her shivering, even as the heat of their pleasure felt like rocket fuel to send her soaring from climax to climax. This was a REAL MAN! Her BLACK MAN, and Steve was simply her cuckold sissy, as she looked over and saw him playing with his small penis through his silk pink panties.

“Get over here Steve, you fucking cuckold sissy”, Tammy Screamed!! She was ready for the moment; the moment Steve would become a true cuckold-his calling, and her divine requirement in order for Steve to stay around. “Get over here and lick a REAL MAN’S BALLS, a BLACK MAN’S BALLS!” Tammy ordered. Steve quickly got up and Tammy noticed how fast he moved over. I was right, Tammy thought. This is where Steve belongs, and where I belong. Steve belongs licking and sucking a BLACK MAN, and I belong under a REAL BLACK MAN, getting fucking by a REAL COCK-a BLACK COCK! Tammy shuddered, and began to climax for the 9th time as Steve took his rightful cuckold sissy place under a REAL BLACK MAN and began licking his BIG BLACK BULL’S BALLS and licking up his THICK BLACK SHAFT. Tammy could feel Steve’s tongue dancing across her NEW MAN’S BLACK COCK and she came yet again. This was the fulfillment of her dream, and the beginning of her new reality of being a true slut like she had always dreamed of; Tammy was now a BLACK MAN’s SLUT.

And soon, just as Tammy had planned for over five years, Steve would take a BIG BLACK COCK in his boi pussy, and Tammy would forever have all the BIG BLACK COCK she could handle-and in her delirious mind she could handle much more! “Bring it on” she screamed, as LIONEL kept fucking Tammy long into the night, with his AWESOME BIG BLACK COCK. Tammy’s true needs were now beginning to be met--and her BLACK NEEDS WERE MANY…

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