i used to have a videotape . . . .


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In spite of how vague this is, does anybody remember a woman back in the VHS tapes traded by snail mail era who had auburnish hair and wore thigh highs or garter belts who needed BBC more than air and sucked it deeper, faster, and just plain better than any other woman on the planet? I only saw one compilation tape of her way back when, but I've never seen anyone else even in her league.

She was even even better at it than Samantha of Samantha's Den. She was a little bit thicker, but not too much so. I guess the thing I remember most about her was the sparkle in her while she teased and swallowed the biggest BBC she could find. She teased it slowly and then gulped the whole thing down and powersucked it, (for lack of a better word), for a while and then teased it some more. She could do that forever. I don't remember seeing her in any other position that riding it cowboy, (ay least on the tape I saw). And I don't blame the guy because nobody ever rode a cock any better.

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