ID a girl

Ok good. Here's the picture. I've seen this girl in one video where the focus is put mainly not on the girl in the picture, but rather her sister (as I get from the dialogue) but the girl in this picture is shown periodically, mostly in the background.

The way this picture is taken, it doesn't seem to be from the video I've seen, so it makes me think that possibly there's another video of her or perhaps her and her sister again, floating around out there.

The video I've seen was titled Dee as I found it, but I've come across it under different titles as well.

Any help ID'ing this girl, and/or her sister would be appreciated.
Link Removed
She's definitely not either of those girls. She's not a pro, she's an amateur from what I can tell. I'll try to find a link to the one video I saw her in, to see if anyone knows of any other videos her or her sister are in.
Ok, here's a link to the video. The girl from the picture doesn't show up until partway through the video. If anyone knows who either of these girls are, or where to find more videos of either of them, it would be much appreciated.

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