I'm jealous



My master has always fucked other boy and girl whores aside from me. He'll pick them up in clubs and bars, bring them back and use them. I never used to mind, I liked hearing them fuck them and catching the occasional look.

But recently the same girl has been coming over, again and again. It reminds me of what he did to me. He makes you addicted, makes you love his dick and need it, you eventually do anything for it. When he first fucked her, it was just vanilla stuff, with a condom. Then there was no condom. She did anal for the first time with him, I heard that, and I know he would have had her lick him clean afterwards. Then yesterday I saw her with her tongue in his ass. She's becoming a slave faster than me.

And I know it shouldn't bother me. His happiness should be all that matters. But I'm jealous, he used to own just me, I used to be his only maid slave and whore. But soon she will be just like me and I'll have to share. He only has one cock and it's already been in her more than me.

How can I care less?
Its understandable. It was like that for me too when my first Mistress got herself another girl. But eventually she got tired of usng her constantly and she was back to using me too. It will probably be the same with him. She is new meat, and he will enjoy her for a while. But he will come around to u to eventually.
I know, and I know I'm being stupid and selfish. I shouldn't think of myself and what I want, I should only care about his pleasure. It's not like I'll ever leave him even if he never fucks me again. I know I should be happy just being his maid, but deepdown I know I'm a faggot whore and I want his cock so bad. I keep forgetting I exist for his pleasure not my own.

But I feel useless, I've not served him in more than a week.
I worked as a hooker for Mistress when she got her second girl. Before she did i had a few clients and served her the rest of the day. But once she got her, my clients doubled, and i never serviced her. But, as i said. Eventually it slowed down and she wanted me to service her again. Which was a good day. :)
So im not worried for you.
We were introduced today. He told her I was his slave and all she asked was "you fuck guys too?". She wasn't bothered at all by the idea. Jennifer is her name dressed like a slut, she is progressing far faster than I ever did. By the end of the year I imagine she will be like me. I wonder if she knows.

Two weeks now I tried begging for his cock, he punished me.
He says she is going to be a slave like me, knock her up and rent her out. I'll be a nanny.

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