Interracial Compilations.


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here is my collection of most of my interracial compilations.

also the wife and I have written several ebooks... check them out the covers if nothing are very hot!!

this one is about a couple and their trip to Jamaica

this one is a how to book to help husbands get their wives to cuckold them.

here are the comps enjoy not my work and likely repost but they have taken years to collect!,_his_bitch.flv
Holy S--t! The Motherlode! Thank you, thank you. This will keep me, my cock, my hand (and sometimes my mouth, when I cannot stop myself from tasting my own cum) busy for a long time. All the time wishing my wife and I could serve those magnificent bull cocks in reality. Thanks again!
Thanks for sharing. I've seen several of these before, and I'm leery of clicking one I'll wind up having already. Are these ordered by date? I would try the latest one but I can't tell which are the newer ones.
I went with "bigandsmall" since I don't recognize the title in my collection.

Thanks again! Maybe someone can help sort
they are sorted generally from smallest file to largest file...

the exception to this are the mp3 files which are audio story files centered around cuckolding and about the last 10 files which i had in a different folder...

they are actually sorted in the order i uploaded them to filesonic.....
here are a few more... i have a couple smaller posts in me still...
Thank you so much once again :) there is something incredibly powerful and hypnotic about those vids the gorgeous black men fucking white girls with hip hop music makes for such a perfectly hypnotic mix.
I'm very happy to see that you include kandd-o, that is my creation!!!
a few more's_anthem.flv
Slight change of pace... this is a rough r..e interracial theme compilation...

the next handful will be in this genre... this is still fantasy but do not download if not for you.. and again thanks to someone else for creating this little nugget it is good work...
These are bigger files this one i think is over 500 megs. Again in theme of interracial f...d/r..e compilation.

and again not my work but likely new to lots of you.
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